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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where Was I This Morning?

Here. At the Fort Wayne Social Security Office getting my name changed. I am officially a Mrs. T. Woo hoo. I have heard so many horror stories about the Social Security office, so I was prepared. I took a book, and not just any book, I made sure I took one I hadn't started reading, because I didn't want to be there so long that I finished the book and didn't have anything to read. I got in, electronically checked myself in at 9:13:00AM and took a seat like my paper number receipt directed me. I evaluated my surroundings, and made a mental note to not look around again. Almost immediately my number was called, I went back to my window, gave her every important document from my entire life (I took it all, just in case. The office is like 45 minutes from our house, I wasn't going back) and she said "you'll get your card in about two weeks". I almost cried. Just like that in the cold sterile window of the Social Security Office, this woman officially made me Angela Yvonne T. I would have hugged her, but I probably would have been arrested. She didn't look like a hugger.

So then my next stop was the DMV. I don't have any of my progression pictures posted on the side of my blog because I accidentally deleted them when I changed my background on here. There is one buried in a post from last May, so if you don't remember you can go look. Anyway, I have been anxious to get a new drivers license since I lost weight, because my photo isn't very flattering, and people make comments when they look at it. When I went to vote last November the little old lady at the table said "my, my, you look different with your hair pulled back." I didn't have the heart to tell her that pulling your hair back doesn't take off 40 lbs. So I went to the DMV and stood in line waiting to be checked in for an hour. I got up there, Leslie checked me in, Sharon took my picture, and told me to sit down. Then Chris called my name and told me that I wasted an entire hour and a half of my life. It turns out you have to wait 24 hours from when the Social Security Administration changes your name to get an updated drivers license. I must have either looked pissed, or depressed, so Chris took pity on me and gave me a "go to the head of the line free pass" for when I go back tomorrow. While I was there I got to sit next to Barbara, the woman with an Adam's apple, and I got to listen to Stephen the four year old get yelled at by his mother, and then hear him exclaim that the restroom was big enough to fit a car. It was an eventful day. Good thing I get to do it all again tomorrow.

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