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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ode To Walmart

Dear Walmart,

I'm writing to tell you that I was thinking about you today, and I realized that a lot of things have happened to me while I've been in your stores. I typically only shop at one of your particular locations, that location has been affectionately named ''The Dirty Walmart'' by those who live in this area. I don't think you're dirty, I think you're quirky.

I was in your yogurt section when I got the phone call that I got my job, I witnessed a fight over school supplies, and I saw my husband almost HULK SMASH a little guy at your service counter over five dollars. Unfortunately there is no link or photos for that one. It was traumatic.

A few other reasons why I love you: 

Your employees are fantastic at spelling.
 You have a clearance basket.
 You are a great place to look for hookers in training.
 Your parking lot showcases the finest autos in the area.
 And, your employees are fantastic at speling.
 I really don't understand why do many people hate you. I think you're great.

Lots of love,

And yes, I did just write a letter to Walmart.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


So you're not going to believe this. I took that polish off after my pinfail last Sunday, and I still haven't put any on. I'm fairly certain this is the first time this entire year I've gone a week without painted nails.

So yeah. The title of this is blank because I don't have a nail polish pick OTW.

I do however, have a lip stain of the week.

I got my Birchbox last week and pretty much everything inside it rocks. This is the moisturizer, lip stain, and bronzer. Not pictured is a face mask and a box of pretty awesome band aids. Seriously. I'm always needing a band aid somewhere, and I for sure cannot count on Ingrid to have a good one. At all. I honestly watched her try to use a melted one on Friday.
 In other news, I downloaded Instagram to my phone (angiyt if you want to follow). Now, I get that its an app that makes pretty photos, but seriously, I did not look this good yesterday. This has to be similar to the Photoshop that magazines use on models. I posted this here because I have the lip stain on. I love it because it isn't shiny, and actually just looks like its the color of your lips. They're stained. Duh. I can't spell the name out any more.

The best part of this entire weekend is that Ingrid's cast is now off! She has two functioning feet and we're back to our regularly scheduled workouts again starting Monday. (So it has been off for a few weeks. We're just getting back into the regularly scheduled part now. We're working our way in. No need to rush.)

How are your workouts going?
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

It Just Isn't A Weekend Without A PinFail

Its becoming a weekend thing for me. I'm so full of PinFail.

You've seen this one, right?

Oh yeah, easy French Mani.

Starting with Essie Adore-A-Ball, four days old. It's chipped on the edges and near my cuticles, but I wanted to see how this would work overall.
 Add these stickers. They're for hole punched papers so they don't rip, but they look like corn pads.
 And then there comes the fail.

The stickers might work great for someone with narrow nail beds, but I guess I don't fall into that category. This was really just a big mess and I had much better luck using tape to do the French Mani.

My official nail polish pick OTW is Rise And Shine by Sinful Colors.

Do the stickers work for you?
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