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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zoo Day

I've had these photos on my computer so long that I can't remember when it was that we went to the zoo. I'm thinking it was back in June. I've been a sucky July blogger. Oh well. You'll get over it, right?

We have an awesome zoo.
Nom nom nom. This turtle is 50ish years old. There is a male and female and they're both that old. Josh and I thought it was crazy to think that our parents looked at the same turtles when they were younger. Not that our parents are old or anything. Not at all.
It was baby day at the zoo. this is the baby lemur.
If you look to the right, there is a little baby peacock.
This calf looks just like Amico, our dog. It was weird.
The jellies.
A baby monkey. I don't remember what it was.

The red panda. He poses for photos after 2pm.
My favorite, the zebra.
Joshua planned out the whole wonderful day. I woke up and went into the kitchen and saw that he was making lunch. I thought it was odd, but decided that maybe he just wanted it for breakfast. So a little later I went back in and he was still making lunch. So he fessed up that he was trying to surprise me with a zoo day and a picnic in the park after. Isn't he the best??
Our first picnic. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Photo Monday

Some more photos that I didn't want to give each their own post for.

I like birds, but I don't get too excited about Robins. 

I do get excited about Fire Red Cardinals. Not orange like fire, more red.
I've seen this a few times. I don't think it's his girlfriend though because the girls are brown. I could be wrong.

Lie like a rug.
Summer swimming.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Father's Day

This post isn't late at all, right? For Father's Day we had a cookout at our house. Josh smoked ribs in the smoker that we bought right after our wedding, I made the inside stuff, and my family and Josh's came over for dinner.
Joshua, expertly hacking away at the ribs.

Wet ribs in the front, dry in the back.
Light Lemony Slaw
Here is the easiest way ever to give you a recipe.
Romaine, tomatoes, strawberries, red onion and cheese salad.
Chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing. Dad's (second) favorite. His first is German Chocolate, but that is a birthday thing.
Ribs and dogs.

My brothers went outside to play. With sticks.

It was a very nice Father's Day. It was really awesome because Josh was able to get off of work, so we had someone to run the smoker.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crazy Bird Lady

For some reason, lately I've become quite crazy about birds. I really like them. Joshua and I are both reading through the Harry Potter books right now and I declared halfway through book 3 (The Prisoner of Azkaban) that I want to get an owl. Just a small one.

I'm working on gathering items for our hallway wall (very slowly) and have wanted these pictures since I saw them full price at Target. I was super excited to get them on clearance.

Do you have an unexpected favorite thing?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Product Review

 A few weeks ago I did a review on MiO Water Enhancer and told you all that it was a bit too sweet for my tastes. Meg told me about this Crystal Light Pure which isn't made with any artificial sweeteners. Don't get me wrong, the "pure" part is misleading. There are chemicals in it (duh) just not Splenda or Aspartame.

Another thing I've discovered? Kraft Foods makes everything. They manufacture MiO and Crystal Light. I never know this stuff until I go looking for it. Strange, huh?

So I tried the Strawberry Kiwi and the Fruit Punch. Both were pretty good. The packets are bigger, and have more calories (15/serving, 30/packet). Not horrible, but still more than zero.

I would rather use these than the MiO, because they taste better to me.

Also, my friend KJPugs had this to say about MiO:
"KMSull and I have been talking about this. I heard they had free ones available on their Facebook and "liked" it but saw they had run out. Then I noticed people posting pictures of their hands after this broke or spilled on them and it WOULD NOT COME OFF. I kind of figured if it semi-permanently stains your hands, then it might not be a good idea to keep around and consume, right?"


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Photo Thursday

Just a few photos that don't really fit into a post of their own.

I was trying to take pictures of our fire a few weeks ago. This is one of my favorites.
My boss put this sign up in the public restroom at work. It was up for a few days until maintenance took it down. It's a serious issue, believe it or not.
Pizza plates! I found these at Target in the $1 bins.
I had no idea that magnetic paint existed. I knew about chalkboard, but magnetic? Do any of you know if it works?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

No, Really...

Does this backpack make my back look big??

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traffic Violation

My Megan got a new job working for our local government, which is awesome, because now we're both government workers, with a billionty days off a year. I'm not kidding, it doesn't get any better than that. Meg gets to work in the super fun world of misdemeanor crimes.

I told you that story, to tell you this story. We get these little flip top notebooks at work, and I gave my brothers some. Every once in a while my mom will get a ticket for various offenses she has invoked among the family members that live with her, such as not picking up laundry. However, she got this ticket the other day. She's going to have to see Meg about this.

It says: "Sman ran a stop lit and her nam is Pam"
What it means: "She/someone ran a stop light, and her name is Pam."


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Puppy Pictures

These have been building up since I haven't been posting.

This is his "I'm afraid of the vacuum" face.
His perch.
"If I look really cute will you let me stay here?"


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