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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Desk!

Since we were close yesterday, we stopped at IKEA on our way home, and got my desk! Finally! I'm so excited. We also got a coffee table and side table. I can't wait to put it all together. : ) Josh actually had a good time at IKEA too. He was prepared to hate it, but he admitted that it wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be.

Yesterday Was Great.

Josh and I went out of town for the day and we had a great time. We went to Petersburg, Kentucky to The Creation Museum. Basically the museum shows all aspects and perspectives of how we were created, but the bible is their view of how it happened. What I liked is that they compared the theories, and made it understandable. It's only a three hour drive from Fort Wayne, I suggest seeing it. If you are interested, click here. Here are a few pictures from when we first got there. I didn't take any after we got in the actual museum part, I was too busy reading.

Here is the 5,000th picture of us that looks exactly like this. We should start asking people to take our picture for us.

They had lots of dinosaurs in the museum, it was a very kid friendly place.

They also had a turtle and fish exhibit at the very beginning of the museum, it was cool.

More giant dinosaurs.

So that is that part of our day. It was a really cool place to go. Check it out.

It only seems fitting that after we spend the day walking through the Creation Museum, we would see this on our way home:

Both of us have heard about this large statue of Jesus before, but we had no idea we were going to pass it last night. There is a radio talk show that comes on here, I know that it is syndicated, but I don't know if everyone gets it or what, but it's the Bob & Tom show. They have a comedian who comes on often and sings songs. His name is Heywood Banks, and this song is called "Big Butter Jesus". Listen to it, it's really funny. I'm using this video instead of the concert version because you can actually see pictures of the statue. This one might take a minute to load.

This video doesn't have anything to do with the one above, but it's hilarious too. Check it out, but don't have your volume too loud, the chorus is much louder than the rest of the song. This is: Yeah, Toast. Also, by Heywood Banks. The drum you hear him playing is actually a toaster that he is beating on with forks. I think its hilarious.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life, Life.

Things are still going around here. I've officially lived in our house for a week now...and I still call it "their house" (as in Josh's family) and I still call my parents house "my house". It's going to take a while I think. We didn't really get much done this week on the inside of the house. Josh started filling in the holes in the walls in the living room and dining area, and I spent literally twelve hours yesterday taking down the wallpaper in the dining room, and I'm not even finished. This wallpaper is much harder to get down than the paper was in my office. I got most of the cabinets cleaned out and got the new liners down, but I keep running out of liner so I still have a few more shelves to go. I got all my dishes brought over and washed and up in the cabinets. I'm not gonna lie, I am in love with how our cabinets look. Josh keeps making fun of me because I keep looking at them. Maybe I'll take some pictures and post them. We have FiestaWare dishes so everything is super colorful...and semi-resembles PrideFest. I love it though, it's so pretty. I'm not going to post pictures tonight, I'm too tired to do it. We bought the paint for the living room and dining area, I'm really excited about that. Not only will the living room look like our own then, but we'll be bringing our living room furniture in once the painting is finished. I can't wait to have a living room. I feel like I live in our bedroom and the dining room. Not fun. It really isn't that bad, I just want to have the house done.

We were supposed to go to IKEA this weekend to get my desk, but we didn't make it. The weather yesterday was pretty crappy so we decided to put it off. Hopefully we can do it soon, I would really like to have a desk in my office. I'm ready to move in and make it ours.

We went and registered today. It was not as fun as I thought it was going to be. Josh and I went to Target this morning and did it there. I wish I could have bought it all today though, I want it. Josh did not have fun at all, so I told him that I would go to Kohl's by myself, which I did. I registered for a ton of nice stuff at Kohl's. I think they registries are divided about evenly between the stores. I need to go on and make some changes because once I got to Kohl's I forgot what I had picked out at Target, so I have some doubles. That is one less thing to worry about doing. I'm glad it's over. Bring on the showers. : )

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Pictures

Here is our new dining room table, and my favorite fruit bowl that I had to buy when I was at IKEA with Sarah. I love it. These pictures aren't the greatest, I was trying to take them from angles where you wouldn't be able to see our moving in junk. Ha ha.

This Is STILL Funny

This came out a long time ago. You may have heard about it, probably a year or so ago. It was an actual Hallmark card about Paris Hilton. It offended her so much that she sued Hallmark for stealing her "trademark" phrase "that's hot". I was going through my pictures on my computer just a minute ago and saw this. It still makes me laugh.

Here is prettyontheoutside.com's version of the card.

The Cutest Boys You've Ever Seen

We carved pumpkins a few weeks ago. The boys really didn't like it that much. They didn't want to get slimy, so me and my mom did all the work.


My mom brought my camera cord over last night so here you go!

My office


I think you really have to see this room in person to appreciate the difference in it. It is hard to tell from the before pictures, but the light blue paint on the top half of the room is on top of wallpaper. I had to take all that wallpaper down, scrub and scrub the walls, put primer up and then paint. Granted, I didn't work on it around the clock, it took me two weeks to get this room done. I think the colors in the after pictures are a little off. I don't have names for the colors because I had them matched from an advertisement I got in the mail. Maybe it's just my computer that makes it look a little weird. The top color though is more tan/green than the gray I think it looks like on here. I love this room. I didn't like it when I first started painting it. I thought the bottom color was awful, but I love how it looks now. I can't wait to get my desk in there and get unpacked.

Our bedroom:

This color is Dutch Boy "Cozy Neutral". I didn't take any before pictures of this room because 1) it was just plain white, and 2) I didn't think about it. We definitely need to get a new comforter. What I am planning on doing though is moving this bed into the guest room once we get a queen sized bed frame. Josh already has a queen mattress, we just don't have anything to put it in. We'll probably stick with the blue set for now. I think I'll probably paint the guest room to where it matches.

My next project is the living room and dining room. They are kind of one big room so I'll do them all at once. I'll post pictures of that as soon as I do it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Deep Thinking..

I should definitely be sleeping right now. I'll never make it to the gym in the morning. One thing that just occurred to me...I can study here in the morning, in my very own house. It's weird. I was never able to study at my parents house, but somehow I can here. It's rather convenient now.

Today I was walking in the rain (not by choice) to the courthouse, and I was thinking. I don't know why, but I was thinking about how much my life has changed in one year. I do this a lot. I also try to picture what my life will look like a year from now, but often give up because it usually scares me. Anyway, I always do the "well, one year ago I was doing this and I felt like this" thing. Today I was rather shocked at what my life was one year ago. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that this week is around about the time Josh went and bought my engagement ring. So a year ago I wasn't engaged, I was pretty sure that by this time I would be gathering my things to go to Arizona for law school, I was pretty sure we were never going to get married, and I weighed 40 lbs more. If one year ago, someone had said "Angi, in one year you will own a home, be engaged to get married soon, and will weigh 40 lbs less than you currently do, and you're not going to go to law school", I would have laughed my ass off. Completely laughed it off.

Isn't it crazy how things change?

Monday, November 10, 2008

An Interesting Tidbit..

Here's an interesting piece of information that was on my string cheese wrapper..

The human eye can perceive approximately seven million different colors.

Crazy, right?

This Is My Whining Post.

I don't know if I'd actually call this whining, but you might. I just woke up from my first night in our house. Obviously this isn't the first night I've ever stayed here (if you're not following, we bought our house from Joshua's mom) but it was my first night in our new house in our new bedroom with my old bed. I'm used to waking up to lots of noise at home, the boys are always screaming at around 5:30/6:00am and it makes it easier to wake up (not more pleasant, but easier). I used to see my whole family first thing in the morning, and it was rather difficult this morning. I know I'm being a baby, and you can go ahead and call me one, but this isn't as easy and I thought it was going to be. So I'm sitting at my laptop, looking at my furniture-less living room and thinking of all the things I need to do to get the furniture in here and it is making me more and more anxious. I didn't sleep very well last night either, on that I'm not sure why. Probably because I've slept in the same bedroom for 13 years. I love that Josh and I got a house, but it will take some time to get used to my new living arrangements.

Enough of that. I have lots of pictures to post of things I've done to the house, but my camera cord is still at my parents house. I got my office finished, and I love it. I finished painting our bedroom yesterday, and it looks great. I need to run over to their house tonight so I'll try to remember to grab the cord. My mom is quite possibly my absolute favorite person, she came over last night and scrubbed the bathrooms for me. I don't think I could've done it, but she did an amazing job. Now I have to keep up on it. Yuck.

Josh and I took our marriage compatibility survey yesterday. Our church requires us to take it in order to get married. We don't have to go through any formal counseling or anything like that, we just both took the survey separately without discussing our answers and then we will go back in February to discuss our answers with our pastor. We talked about how we answered after we both finished it, and I think our answers were pretty much the same. Some of them were no brainers though. You had to pick either strongly disagree, disagree, agree, or strongly agree. One of the statements was something like: bringing children into our marriage will automatically solve all of our problems. I'm not kidding. I hope people don't feel that way.

I also need to post pictures of our new dining room table! I love it. It is similar to the one I posted a long time ago, but it's a little smaller, it looks great in here. Now I'm working on taking down the wallpaper in the dining area and painting the living room. I'd like to get our furniture in here by next weekend...I don't want to have to keep watching TV in the basement. : )


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