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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Love This

I think these are SO cute! You give this girl your date and she cuts out old cloth calendars and circles your date for you. Which I know I could totally do myself, which I might, my grandma is huge on cloth calendars, but I thought it was adorable. I found this on the Knot bio of ljkaucher. These are also her pictures. She put it on her "day of" hoodie, which I think is an awesome idea. I would totally wear this all the time though.

I Ordered It!

So excited. I ordered a smaller size than will fit me at the moment...how's that for motivation : )

Want to check it out? I wouldn't mind if you had the same dress as me. It's on sale. $43.99. That's more than half off people. Click Here

Mini Cakes

Aren't these the cutest little things ever?? I wish I could have these, but I have a feeling that enough mini wedding cakes to feed all of our guests could get costly...

This is today's feature on The Knot. Click here if you want to see the 100+ photos.

Wedding Dress Shopping

I went dress shopping again this weekend. Sarah came from Michigan, which was awesome. Megan, Mom, Nanny, and Lisa all went too. I had fun, but I'm getting sick of trying dresses on. I've been looking more critically at websites now that I have a better idea of what looks good on me and what doesn't. I like the designer Maggie Sottero, she has beautiful dresses. I'm not sure about her prices though. I feel like my tastes may be changing from what I originally wanted. I think I want to go try on this style and see how I look in it. I don't want to though because I feel like everyone I know had this style dress. I just want to be different.
Find this dress on MaggieSottero.com

Speaking of different. I do not want a tiara. I am not royalty. I believe that the only person who should be wearing a tiara is someone whose name begins with "princess" or their age is still in the single digits. Mine does not regardless of how special I believe I am. My mother, however, does not feel the same way. All I've heard about since I tried dresses on is how beautiful the tiara clip looked in my hair. EVERYONE wears a tiara. And not everyone is a princess.

Wedding Weather Related Freakout

Ok so a girl on the Knot was asking how to track the weather on her wedding day because she is having an outdoor wedding and I guess where ever she is right now, it's freezing there. Oh wait, she could be in Fort Wayne. ANYWAY. So I decided to do a little research of my own. I discovered that in 2005, 2006, and 2007 Fort Wayne, Indiana experienced severe storms on May 16. Crazy huh. I finally found a forcast that says what I want, 30% chance of rain on our wedding day.

Check it out:
May 16th Weather

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weight Loss

I talked before about my identity crisis. I think it is getting worse since I've started losing weight. It has been hard for me to adjust. Since I look at myself every day in the mirror it is harder for me to see what I look like compared to what I used to look like. B. Moss (one of my favorite stores) was having a big sale today. Everything in the store was 40% off and all of the already clearance merchandise was an additional 50% off. So I went in. Today I wore a black pair of size 10 pants to work. I was thinking about going shopping after work while I was at work. So I get to B. Moss, I pick out some clothes, and decide to try on some size 8 pants, because the 10's I wore to work are getting pretty big. So I get in the dressing room and I'm taking the pants off the hanger and in my head the whole time I'm thinking "There is so way these are going to fit me. I'll never get these up over my hips." And I pulled them up, and buckled them. And they fit. And I couldn't believe it. I mean really. I'm not sure what it is, but I try on these size 8 pants and they fit, and I somehow can't believe they are really a size 8. They must be a 12 or something more reasonable for me. When I tried on the pants and realized that was another thing I didn't know about myself, I didn't even feel like me. It was upsetting because it made me feel like I don't know who I am anymore. Obviously I want to lose weight or I wouldn't do it, but I didn't know I would feel this way. Did I really get comfortable being overweight? Maybe I'm just in a weird mood today, but I can't help but feel that I don't know who I am anymore.

"So when I make a big mistake
And when I fall flat on my face
I know I'll be alright
Should my tender heart be broken
I will cry those teardrops knowing
I will be just fine
Cause nothing changes who I am"
-Jessica Andrews, Who I Am

Monday, April 21, 2008

Susan B. Anthony

Well, I do believe Susan and I have finished our work together. At least, my paper is written and I'm awaiting my comments from my advisor's review. We'll see how that goes. LET THE WEDDING PLANNING BEGIN (again). : )

Some Invites I Like

I've decided to make the invites myself (again) but I like how these look. I have the sample of one at home but I like the paper with the flower design on them. These are all from InvitationConsultants.

This one I like A LOT. I think it is very cute, perhaps with a different color envelope.

I like the "we do" on this one. I think thats cute.

I like the black and white on this one, I think it would look nice with the blue being red.

Not much to say - I like it a lot.


This is like one of those up there but different colors.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I miss my blog...

And my friends...and my Josh...and our wedding...and my whole life.

I know you all only really come here to read interesting tidbits about Susan B. Anthony, so here is a little factual information to satisfy your craving.

One time, Susan B. was speaking right here in good ol' Fort Wayne, Indiana and passed out right in the middle of her speech. For no reason.

Can't say nothing ever happened in Fort Wayne. We're the city of excitement...and road construction.

Back to work.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'd Love To Stick Around And Chat...

...but unfortunately Susan and I have to spend some time together. Senior thesis paper is due Monday! Yikes!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Over It.

Last night I posted about losing my notebook. After an emotional night and morning I am giving up the search. I'm not giving up because I think I can't find it, but I'm giving up because I have to. I have to get on with the semester and I can't stay on pause looking for it. I have literally been to every desk possible looking for it. I know exactly where I left it and a few people said they saw it there, but no one knows where it is now. I'm optimistic though, because really its all I can be now. I've printed everything off of BlackBoard that I possibly can and I've emailed some teachers about things I can't find on the site. Some good may actually come of out it, already I'm more organized than I was before and I'll make sure I study now because I have to make all new notes. So now I'm off to re-write my outline for my Susan B. Anthony paper, and then to do my research project. Really where is being gloomy going to get me?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Website Can Be Pretty Funny

This website is called PrettyOnTheOutside. They basically just make fun of celebrities.

This one is TimbaLake. A mix of Timbaland and Justin Timberlake.

Recently a genealogical study was done and showed that Angelia Jolie and Hillary Clinton are 9th cousins. Here is Hillangelina.

It was also found that Brad Pitt and Barack Obama are 9th cousins. Weird, right? Here is Obradma.

This one is Pamela Anderson Cooper.

This is Boy George Bush.

Nightmare Bride

I had another wedding dream last night. I had a dream that when I scheduled our wedding on the church calendar that the woman didn't realize that I meant 2009 instead of 2008 and she put us on for this year. So I was at my wedding in my dress and Josh was there, and so were a bunch of people I didn't know. None of my friends or family were there because they didn't know it was this year and not next year. We had no bridal party or anything. I remember freaking out right in the middle of the ceremony because I realized that this was it, there was no doing it again next year with our friends and family. So of course all day I've wanted to call the church and make sure its on the calendar for next year. I think the end of the semester stress may be getting to me and I didn't realize I had even let it creep in.

Angi and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It was bad. I suppose not all that bad. At least, it was a good day until 5:45. I hate to be so negative, but, well you can be the judge. I don't know if you've ever done this or not, but I lost something very important today. Now that I think back on my day I can see it like a movie. If I were in a movie, this is what happened. I was in my environmental history class and Dr. G handed out the course evaluations, then she asked me if I would take them up to the administrative assistant in the History Department when everyone was finished. So I did. I walked upstairs with Beth and into the office. Handed the envelope to Angie the assistant and then went to Dr. G's office to give her the extra handouts she had left on the table. Then I went into the bathroom, put my notebook on the shelf, and went about my business. I was texting Megan to see if she wanted to go to Wal-Mart with me. I sat my phone down on the sink to put my coat back on and picked it back up. I noticed drops of water on the counter and inspected my phone to make sure it wasn't wet. Then I walked out. In my life movie, this would be the point where the camera would zoom in dramatically on my notebook laying on the shelf, and then switch to a frame where my car was driving off campus. So dramatic. So it probably sounds like no big deal right? Wrong. It is a five subject notebook with folders in between each section. I don't have any folders so every single handout I've gotten this semester, for every single class, is in that one notebook, as well as every single note I've taken this semester, including the outline for my senior thesis paper. The notebook could also be called my brain. Everything that isn't in my brain is in that notebook. I mean everything. The entire semester. Which ends in three weeks. Finals. Yes, you just witnessed a little of my panic. I digress. I left school, went to work, left work, drove home, pulled up in front of the house, put my car in park, reached for my stuff sitting in the front seat and noticed I didn't have it. I put my car in drive and drove back to school...which is not all that close to home. So I got to school and prayed the entire way up to the third floor bathroom. I went in and it wasn't there. It also was not in the lost and found in the library, the cyber cafe, the history department office, the security building, the maintenance office, or operations. So I left, and cried like a big baby. I have no idea what I'm going to do. All I can do is go back tomorrow and look in all the same places. I hope someone who knows me found it and is holding it for me. Sorry folks, no happy ending here.

"I think I was wrong
I think you were right
All my angry words
Will keep me up at night"
-Sheryl Crow, The Difficult Kind

A to Z of Weight Loss

This is a GREAT article about weightloss. Guess where I found it...

The ABC's of Slim
Ready to ditch some pounds? Start with the right vocabulary
Amy Paturel

A is for Alcohol
You booze, you lose: A daily serving of hooch may be better for keeping off weight than abstaining. Alcohol may increase leptin, a hormone that curbs your appetite for sweets. To get the perks with minimal calories, order a glass of sauvignon blanc (119 calories per 5 ounces).

B is for Buddies
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine compared solo dieters to teams of dieters. After 10 months, the latter were likelier to have maintained their loss (66 percent versus 24 percent). Find a bud 24/7 at weightlossbuddy.com.

C is for Cortisol
Your adrenal glands secrete this stress hormone to help you handle threats, but too much can be bad news. Last year, researchers at the University of Leeds in the U.K. linked high levels of cortisol to increased snacking on junk food. Spend the cash you'd pay for a big dinner on a stress-reducing massage.

D is for Density
A yearlong study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found women eating water-rich foods low in calories but high in nutrients (like veggies) as part of a low-fat diet lost more weight than those who only cut back on fat. They were less hungry than the low-fat-only bunch, too, most likely because they ate 25 percent more food by weight. Go for grub with an energy density (calories per serving ÷ weight in grams of serving) of 2 or less. Or snag ideas from Barbara Rolls' The Volumetrics Eating Plan, which lists the energy densities of dozens of foods.

E is for Estimation
Developing an eye for appropriate serving sizes can make or break your diet. Commit these serving-size visuals to memory: 3 oz lean meat = a standard deck of 52 cards1/2 cup of fruit, vegetables, or grains = half a baseball 1.5 oz cheese = 3 dominoes

F is for Fructose
A study published last year in the journal Hepatology found that feeding fructose-laced water to rats increased their risk of obesity. Ditch the artificially sweetened juices and sodas and get your fructose from fruit--a form that researchers say could be kinder to your waistline.

G is for Grapefruit
Kick off every meal with half a ruby red or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice--you could speed up your weight loss. Subjects of a 2006 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food who ate half a grapefruit before each meal lost more weight after 12 weeks than those who didn't (3.5 pounds versus less than a pound).

H is for Hydration
Studies have shown that drinking water can slightly increase your caloric burn rate. The researchers behind one such study at Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center in Berlin estimate that sipping six extra 8-ounce glasses a day can burn 17,400 more calories (about 5 pounds of fat) per year.

I is for Insulin
The amount of this sugar-regulating hormone you secrete may dictate the diet you should follow. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that high insulin secretors dropped about 13 pounds on a low-carb diet but only about 3 on a low-fat/higher-carb diet. Look in the mirror: If you store fat in your belly (have an "apple" body shape), you're more likely to secrete excess insulin and benefit from fewer carbs.

J is for Journal
If you write down everything you eat, research has shown, you can cut your intake by 500 to 1,000 calories a day. And you'll keep the weight off: Food journaling is one of the successful behaviors used by people in the National Weight Control Registry, a list of dieters who have maintained a loss of 30 pounds or more for at least one year.

K is for Ketosis
The point at which your body runs low on carbs and starts burning fat stores for fuel, ketosis can jump-start a diet or bust a plateau. Studies show that dieters who restrict carbs typically lose more weight during the first 3 to 6 months, but after about a year their results are comparable to those who go low-fat. So after dropping those initial pounds, it's okay to have whole-grain pasta and bread again--in moderation.

L is for Leptin
Fat cells secrete this hormone to tell your brain you're full. But researchers have found that fasts and extremely calorie-restrictive diets can lower leptin levels, prompting you to eat more. To keep this hormone in balance, strive for a slow, steady weight loss--no more than 1 to 2 pounds per week.

M is for Milk
You might get better results from your workout if you imbibe moo juice. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that downing 2 cups of skim milk after intense weight-lifting workouts built more muscle and burned twice as much fat as drinking carbohydrate beverages (such as a sports drink). But go with real cow's milk--in the study, drinks made from soy had no effect.

N is for Numbers
Nobody enjoys weigh-ins, but research shows that people who hop on the scale once a day are more likely to lose and to maintain their loss. Make a standing appointment for yourself--just don't obsess over the number you see.

O is for Omelet
Eggs are an ideal protein source, says Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S., author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Protein helps build muscle, which will fry more calories per pound than fat. Bonus: You'll burn about 25 percent of the eggs' calories just by digesting them (protein metabolism uses more energy than that of fat and carbs). A two-egg omelet takes you a quarter of the way to your protein RDA.

P is for Peanuts
Subjects in a study at Purdue University received about 500 calories' worth of peanuts a day to eat at their discretion. After 8 weeks, they had gained an average of about 2 pounds--much less than the 8 pounds researchers had predicted. Probable cause: The high-protein and high-fiber nuts filled them up. And after 19 weeks, they also had boosted their resting metabolic rates by 11 percent, possibly due to the fatty acids in the nuts. Take the edge off your appetite by snacking on a handful (a quarter-cup) per day.

Q is for Quinoa
Quinoa (keen-wa) has more hunger-taming protein and fiber and less carbs than most other whole grains. Swap it for white rice and other refined grains.

R is for Replacements
Researchers at the University of Kansas found that dieters who drank liquid meal replacements lost just as much weight over 52 weeks as those who used the weight-loss drug Orlistat with regular meals. Who needs pills?

S is for Stress
Scientists at Georgetown University fed two groups of mice a diet of high-fat, high-sugar feed and measured how much weight they gained. Stressed mice (you don't want to know how they pushed them over the edge) gained more than twice as much weight as the group with the same diet but no stress. The reason? Researchers believe that stress causes the release of a molecule that helps increase the size and number of fat cells. The next time you're feeling the strain, do yoga (see Y) instead of dessert.

T is for Tea
The fat-busting benefits of green tea boil down to disease-fighting compounds called catechins. One study of 240 Japanese men and women found that when subjects drank green tea containing 583 milligrams of catechins per 12-ounce cup, they dropped more weight--and inches--than those who ingested tea containing only 96 milligrams. Max your results by steeping your bag of green tea as long as possible. The darker the hue of your brew (and the more bitter it is), the more catechin-rich the cup.

U is for User-Friendly
A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association assigned 160 overweight and obese volunteers to one of four popular diets for 6 months. They found that the strongest predictor of weight loss wasn't the type of diet but compliance with the selected plan. The takeaway: Find a plan you can live with so you'll stick to it (e.g., if you need help controlling portions, try WeightWatchers' Core Plan).

V is for Vinegar
A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that swallowing 60 grams (about 4 tablespoons) of an apple cider vinegar mixture with a high-glycemic-index meal caused test subjects to eat 200 to 275 fewer calories over the rest of the day. If you can't stomach the stuff straight, try mixing it into a low-fat dressing.

W is for Weights
If you've put off pumping iron, get to it. According to experts, you burn calories faster after a strength-training session than you would after a cardio session. And researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that lifting weights three times a week for 25 weeks caused women to lose an average of 4 pounds of body fat.

X is for Xenical
This prescription fat blocker made news last year when the FDA green­lighted its over-the-counter version, Alli. But both drugs come with an unfortunate side effect: loose stools. We say pass on the gas and slim down the old-fashioned way.

Y is for Yoga
A study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that normal-weight women who practiced yoga for four or more years gained three pounds less over 10 years than those who didn't. Grab a mat and get going.

Z is for Z's
When you skimp on sleep, your brain thinks you're low on fuel and sends a message to your stomach to start growling. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that among 68,183 women, those who slept for 5 hours or less were an average of 5 pounds heavier than women who snoozed for 7 hours. Want to stay slim? Go to bed.

Link to this article: WeightLossSecrets


I don't know why it is, I'm sure there is some explaination for it, but between noon and five I could kill someone for a nice, big, soft, sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles. I'm not kidding.


I was wondering about this exact same thing like two days ago...found on womenshealthmag.com

Q: I'm dieting, but I get ravenous before my period. Do I really need more fuel at this time?

A: No. But indulging your cravings may make you feel better. Levels of serotonin (the brain chemical associated with feelings of contentedness and relaxation) are lower right before your period, and eating sweet and starchy carbs (like chocolate or oatmeal cookies) can bring them back up, easing moodiness and irritability. Don't deprive yourself -- just stick to one 150-calorie serving of your favorite treat per day.

Link to the article: YuckyCravings

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dissecting Your Salad

A helpful article from Women's Health

Build a Better Salad
Do the endless options at the salad bar have you stumped? Lettuce show you the way with this detailed guide
Lisa Drayer, R.D.

Salad Starter: Lettuce

The darker the leaf, the more vitamins it contains. Look for spinach, romaine, arugula, and chicory to get the most folate and beta-carotene — an antioxidant that helps rid your body of disease-causing chemicals in addition to protecting your eyes and skin. Love your iceberg? "Mix dark greens with lighter ones to tone down their bitter taste," says Jackie Newgent, R.D., a nutritionist and culinary instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

Produce Junction: Fruits and Vegetables

The more colorful your mix of vegetables, the more nutrients you'll consume. Fill your plate with these nutritional superstars first — they offer the most vitamins and minerals per bite. Cherry tomatoes are rich in lycopene and may help ward off cardiovascular disease in women. Broccoli boasts vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, and calcium.

When you face a rainbow selection of peppers, green means stop: Red and yellow peppers contain more than twice the amount of vitamin C than the green ones, which are really just unripe versions of the more colorful varieties. You can never go wrong with carrots, one of the best sources of beta-carotene.

Even though they may look like decoration, alfalfa sprouts are loaded with vitamins and minerals and cost you very few calories. To avoid the risk of foodborne illnesses like salmonella and E. coli, choose cooked sprouts — they'll look less green and less crisp.

Some vegetables you should limit: Corn, artichoke hearts, beets, and sun-dried tomatoes are popular salad bar staples, but their high sugar and starch content means calories add up quickly without providing much of a nutritional benefit. For instance, sun-dried tomatoes have 139 calories per cup and beets weigh in at 75 for the same portion — compared with the 44 calories found in 1 cup of broccoli.

All fruit is not created equal. With no water to take up space, dried fruit packs a high caloric punch, especially if you're using a big serving spoon. Avoid large portions of dried cranberries (108 calories for 1/4 cup) and raisins (92 calories for the same size portion).

Stick with fresh fruit like berries, pears, or orange slices. These treats will sweeten your salad without too many calories (oranges have 22 calories for 1/4 cup), and their high water content will help keep you full.

A Meaty Issue: Protein

Protein is a must-have, since the nutrient keeps you satisfied and prevents cravings. Think lean: Opt for tuna, salmon, tofu, beans, chickpeas, or skinless chicken or turkey, and keep portions small. Three ounces — the size of a deck of cards or a computer mouse — is a reasonable amount. Beware anything two-toned; the extra skin means extra calories and fat.

Fat Facts: The Extras Add Up

Limit yourself to one healthy, monounsaturated fat per salad (aside from the dressing), such as nuts, seeds, olives, or avocado. Ten olives or 1/4 cup of nuts (the size of a golf ball) are surprisingly satisfying.

Cheese is high in saturated fat and sodium and is not the best source of calcium for the calories, says Lisa Young, Ph.D., R.D., an adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University and author of The Portion Teller. If you can't lose the cheese, limit it to 1 ounce (about four dice worth) and go for lower-fat versions like goat or mozzarella instead of cheddar or blue. Or mix half low-fat with half regular cheese. "In our study, women didn't taste any difference when we combined low-fat cheese with regular," even though the calorie count was cut almost in half, says Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., professor of nutritional sciences at Pennsylvania State University and author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan.

Craving carbs? Crush three or four crackers or baked chips onto your salad. Don't sabotage a healthy meal with croutons. They're nutritional minefields, made with enriched wheat flour and drenched in oil.

Dress to Impress: Salad Dressings

Watch the serving size when you hit the dressing: Even honey-mustard dressing weighs in at more than 200 calories per 1/4 cup. One ladle (about 1/4 cup) of full-fat ranch or Caesar packs 300 calories. Two ladles are the equivalent of two hot-fudge sundaes. "Ideally, you want to go for 1 tablespoon of dressing, which is what would fill half a shot glass," Dr. Young says. If you choose low-fat dressing, you can double that. A plastic takeout dressing container holds about 2 tablespoons, so fill accordingly.

Walk right past that fat-free French. A recent study found that people who ate salads with fat-free dressing absorbed fewer essential nutrients than those with fat in their salads, and that reduced-fat dressing boosted absorption of good-for-you nutrients like beta-carotene and lycopene compared with fat-free. A little fat is necessary to help your body process vitamins.

We all know that oil and vinegar is better than creamy dressing — it's lower in fat and calories, and the fat you take in from the olive oil is the heart-healthy kind — but do some maneuvering to save calories. "Typically, regular vinaigrettes, like a balsamic, are three parts oil to one part vinegar. So when trying to lose weight, do the reverse: three parts vinegar to one part oil," Newgent says.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Post

I should say something nice since I'm in such a bad mood today. So this morning I went to the Y. I'm very surprised I made it. I even got there before seven. Yeah, woah, watch out. So I worked out and then hopped on the treadmill. Ok, I didn't HOP on the treadmill. I mean really who does that? Anyway, as I was walking on the treadmill a lady got on the one right next to me, not unusual. She was very friendly and chatty. She had a friend on the elliptical machine right in front of us. When her friend got off they started talking about life, and their kids and stuff like that. She started telling her friend that her daughter is a senior at Bishop Dwenger this year and she is having a hard time deciding on what to do next year because she wants to go to Purdue for nursing and try out for cheerleading, but she's heard that Saint Francis has such a good nursing program and she would like to do cheerleading there but she doesn't know much about the program. HELLO. Who knows about the Saint Francis Cheerleading Program? You hopped (ok, she didn't hop on either) on the right treadmill today, lady. I know, right? Crazy. So I was debating for like four minutes on what to say after her friend walked away. You know I didn't want to look like the crazy treadmill-neighbor eavesdropper, but they were talking loudly for all to hear. So I finally said something, I think I started out with "I couldn't help but overhear..." and now that I think about it, that sounds a little rude. I should have just said "you were talking so loudly to your friend that everyone around you heard what you were saying." That's besides the point though. She was a really nice lady, I'm not trying to be mean at all. But we talked for a long time about Saint Francis and I even told her the good things about cheerleading there. Now that I think of it I didn't say anything bad. Woah. And as our treadmills were counting down to the end of our conversation she said "God is putting so many people right in my path to teach me things, it was so nice to meet you." and I thought, Wow. Today I was that person. I was the guy who came into my work to tell me the positive things about marriage. I was the person helping someone else out. Even though it was something as simple as talking about cheerleading, its something I knew, something she didn't know. Life sure is strange.


Meet Angry Angi, as Josh likes to call me.

I have an issue with a couple of things. I'm not in a great mood today. Everyone is pissing me off. I don't see why everyone can't just act like I want them to. The world would be such a better place to live. I swear.

One. I don't understand violence. What is the point? I know I say violent things when I'm angry, but I don't mean them. But what is with all these people killing other people? In the past nine days there have been nine homicides, with six happening in one day (at first they said it was five in one day, but one of the victims was pregnant and they ruled the death of the fetus a homicide as well). But COME ON NOW. What the hell is wrong with people? This rant is really not going anywhere at all, I'm bothered by it.

Two. I work with a bunch of dumb asses. I'll just stop there. I'm not going to waste my time typing it or your time with reading it. I work with idiots who don't even deserve to have they're stupidness in print.

I'll stop this rant now. There is no point in bitching any more.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How Cute Is This?

I love it. I want it.

Want to check it out? Click Here

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beautiful Bridesmaids

These are the beautiful bridesmaids in our wedding party! I love them! I'm posting this as a study guide for Sarah : ) just kidding!

Megan, Maid of Honor

Sarah, Maid of Honor

Ashley, Bridesmaid

Bridget, Bridesmaid

Amber, Bridesmaid

I love them!! Yay!


I'm starting to doubt myself on if I really want to make invitations. I think it will be a lot of work. Here are some I like. I don't love these though, I was just looking through a Knot gallery and thought they were cute.

Both photos courtesy of The Knot.

Ways to de-stress

This is an article from the Knot about ways to de-stress before your wedding. I thought they were good tips for anytime.

1 Get a Massage
Massage is the perfect way to relieve tension. Why not try a technique you've never experienced before? According to Kristen Haines, owner of NYC's Euphoria Spa, the hottest new technique (literally) is a Thai massage, in which hot herbal poultices (basically giant tea bags filled with detoxifying goodies, like turmeric, rice extract, and tamarind leaves) get pressed into tired muscles. It's performed in combination with more traditional deep tissue massage techniques for a totally invigorating result. Don't forget to drink lots of water on the day of your treatment; toxins are released during a massage and water helps flush them out of your system.

2 Take a Yoga Class
Or better yet, sign up for a package of yoga classes a month or two before your wedding. If you've never taken yoga before, choose a beginner class: The breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and postures will have you totally centered by the time you hear wedding bells. If you don't have time for class, or if one isn't offered in your area, try a yoga DVD like A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners or The All-Day Yoga Workout: A.M., Stress Relief, and P.M. Yoga for Beginners. (Even though these aren't the newest DVDs out there, they're still definitely among the best -- and bestsellers -- for beginners).

3 Soak in the Tub
A nice, hot bath will relax your muscles and your mind. For optimal stress-quenching results, add a bath salt that'll moisturize your skin and help you loosen up with a soothing scent. We love Aromatherapy Hydrotherapy Skin-Conditioning Fine Sugar Soak ($20, Bath & Body Works stores nationwide). It's packed with skin-soothing ingredients like sugar, oatmeal, and marshmallow, and its heavenly scent (calming chamomile, rose absolute, and myrrh) will help you do some serious zoning out. As long as you're lying around in warm water, use a pumice on your feet and a loofah on your knees and elbows for extra polish. You'll step out of the tub feeling completely refreshed.

4 Get Outside
When you need to clear your mind, there's nothing like getting a breath of fresh air -- literally! Take a brisk walk or jog outside -- maybe some music, no cell phone, just you. You don't have to get off the beaten path. Even a circuit around your neighborhood will work. Tune out what's going on around you (but still watch out for traffic!) and concentrate on the rhythm of your strides. You'll find yourself feeling pretty Zen in no time. And besides, an extra prewedding workout never hurt anyone!

5 Read a Book
There's no better time to score a page-turner than the few months before the wedding day. A good book can take you to another world for a while and give your scattered brain a rest. Why not read a novel that takes place where you're are headed on your honeymoon for an excellent sneakpreview?

6 Hit the Spa
Find a spa in your area that offers a day package (some even offer special bridal packages), sign up for treatments that you love or have never tried before, and enjoy a day of total relaxing indulgence. If you've never had a facial before, book your appointment at least two to three months before your wedding day (you never know how your skin will react, and the day of the rehearsal dinner is not the time to find out). A regular facial regime will leave your skin positively radiant.

7 Have Some H2O
When you're feeling swamped, it's totally natural to go for a caffeine fix. But coffee, soda, and energy drinks don't just jack you up -- they also dehydrate you, leaving you feeling even more worn out when the buzz wears off and you come crashing down later. Grab some water instead. If you're properly hydrated, you'll feel better overall -- less fatigued, fewer aches and pains, plus your skin will glow. For a soothing sip, make yourself a spa-style pitcher: Spike ice water with slices of orange, lemon, or lime.

8 Call Home
Even though you'll be celebrating with everyone soon, don't be stingy with the long-distance bill. Keep calling friends and family -- isn't that why you signed on for those free nights and weekends anyway? In the weeks before your wedding, talking with the folks you love most will keep you feeling connected and sane.

9 Start a Journal
The ideas and dreams racing through your mind right now are ones that you won't ever want to forget. There are books specially targeted to guide you and your partner with pages that prompt you to document everything from how you met to your shared future goals. But starting with a blank book is also wonderful and will encourage you to write in a stream-of-consciousness style.

10 Call In Sick
As naughty as it may seem, you deserve it. Use the day to get ahead on wedding planning that you've been putting off, or use it just to pamper yourself (see #1 to 9 above).

-- The Knot Girls
The Knot

Friday, April 4, 2008


I was a little stunned when I looked at these photos side by side.

Book Club

Here is another trilogy and Megan and I read, I don't know who found it first. It doesn't really matter. They are pretty good.

From Barnes & Noble: The first of three lighthearted and sexy contemporary romances about the three Chandler brothers whose mother schemes to marry them off in order to get what she wants most in life-grandchildren.

OK that description sucks. Sorry. Its pretty good though.

Second book I think is better than the first. I stopped reading it this time though because I started the Shopaholic.

From Barnes & Noble: THE PLAYBOY is the second of three lighthearted and sexy contemporary romances about the three Chandler brothers, whose mother schemes to marry them off in order to get what she wants most in life: grandchildren.

Barnes & Noble is slacking.

I haven't gotten to re read the third one yet, I'm sure I will soon though.

From Barnes & Noble: New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips offers THE HEARTBREAKER, the final title in a series of three lighthearted and sexy contemporary romances about the three Chandler brothers whose mother schemes to marry them off in order to get what she wants most in life: grandchildren. This will be Carly's hardcover debut.

I mean really. What can you learn from that half ass description. Geez.

Anyway, they are good books. I'm reading them again, so they were good enough to stay on my book shelf and didn't get put in the box to go to the shed. So yeah.

Friday's Obsession: Flowers

I also like tulips.

Wedding Flower Ideas - Peonies

This one is my favorite


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