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Friday, April 11, 2008

Over It.

Last night I posted about losing my notebook. After an emotional night and morning I am giving up the search. I'm not giving up because I think I can't find it, but I'm giving up because I have to. I have to get on with the semester and I can't stay on pause looking for it. I have literally been to every desk possible looking for it. I know exactly where I left it and a few people said they saw it there, but no one knows where it is now. I'm optimistic though, because really its all I can be now. I've printed everything off of BlackBoard that I possibly can and I've emailed some teachers about things I can't find on the site. Some good may actually come of out it, already I'm more organized than I was before and I'll make sure I study now because I have to make all new notes. So now I'm off to re-write my outline for my Susan B. Anthony paper, and then to do my research project. Really where is being gloomy going to get me?

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