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Monday, September 29, 2008

Interesting Tidbits.

We have these new string cheeses at my house, which are actually for the boys, but eat most of them. They have a picture of Crayola Crayons on the front and each one has a different bit of information, I'm the only one who actually cares though. : ) I made my food for the week and I cut up pieces of string cheese instead of using a block of mozzarella mostly because its more convenient. Anyway, here are some interesting ones:

Your red heart beats some 30 million times a year!

The color blue represents peace. Wearing blue can also help you feel more confident.

Colorful butterflies taste with their feet.

Silver is the most popular color for cars in the U.S.

The brown bear is the largest native carnivore still roaming in the lower 48 states.

Honey stays golden forever. It never spoils.

A white snowflake can take up to an hour to fall from a cloud to the surface of your tongue.

A baby blue whale gains 200 pounds per day while drinking 50 gallons of milk.

Pretty cool, huh? I thought so.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Absolutely Disgusting.

I thought about posting the pictures, but I don't want to look at them every time I look at my blog. Click Here to see pictures of an apartment in Houston that was recently found. It's not bloody or anything, it's just a disgusting mess. I can't believe someone could live like that. Seriously, look at it.

Bridesmaid Shoes Continued, Part 2

I'm still looking for bridesmaid shoes. I know it might take a while, but I'm already thinking of taking the easy way out.

Option number one is I'm kind of thinking of going to David's and picking out a couple styles in metallic silver and telling the girls to pick one of those. That way they can have the heel height they want and will still get to pick. Compared to some stores David's isn't too unreasonable, depending on the shoe. I need to go there and look in person instead of just looking on the website.

Option number two is to not go with silver, but go with red or black. It seems to be a lot easier to find shoes in red or black than it is silver.

Or option number three is to make an executive decision and saying these are the shoes you're getting. I can't see myself doing option number three. Ever.

Please give suggestions.

Wanted: Dining Room Table & Chairs

The original dining room table I had to have is now gone. Sam's Club discontinued it and my mom told me they don't have anymore. So I guess I'll start looking again. Here is one last sad look and what could have been mine...

I really am not that broken up about it. We'll get one.

Wedding Bliss

You might see this person sometime around May 16, 2009. Just kidding. I don't have that kind of phone. : )

I'm getting some more stuff done for the wedding, and I'm very excited about it.

Last night I ordered my shoes that I will wear on our wedding day. I'm really excited about them. I found them on Target.com yesterday and saw that they were only $19.99. When I got off work I went to Target to find them to save money on shipping and handling charges. I didn't find them, but I did find a similar pair. However, my Target had a 7.5 and a 6.5 and I am a 7. I tried both on and I was definitely going to buy the 6.5 but my third toe really felt like it was going to fall off. Anyway, so I left my Target and went over to Megan's Target and found NOTHING. At All. So an hour after I got off work, I went home with nothing but some wasted gas and a broken fingernail (I had a VERY near accident and it required flinging my arm to stop everything from flying off my passenger seat, unsuccessfully, and resulted in breaking my fingernail. So disappointing.), and ordered them on the internet. Here is a picture of the ones I ordered first, and a picture of the ones they had in the store second. I really love the ones I ordered a lot more. Good thing, huh?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Awesome Vacation Idea

I was talking to Allison the other day about where she went on her honeymoon. I'm thinking this would be an awesome place to go for a quiet relaxing vacation, maybe to celebrate our one year anniversary. : ) Nothin' like plannin' way ahead. Allison said they have great rates, too. Check It Out. This is only one cabin. Click on the link to check them all out. I seriously looked at the site for like an hour and still didn't look at them all. And yes, that is an indoor swimming pool in the cabin. These are my kind of cabins.

Since Megan Won't Make A Food Blog...

...I'm posting a picture of her food for her. She made sushi the other night and didn't even tell me about it! Ugh! : ) Anyway, here is a picture of it, it looks like she did an awesome job.

Groomsmen's Buckets

We decided to get the groomsmen these nice tubs and fill them full of their favorite beverages. I found these for a decent price. I'm pretty happy with how these look, and I will probably order them soon.

Bridesmaid's Shoes Continued

These are only $16.99 at Target.

I love these for me. $19.99 at Target. We could all wear the same shoes if the girls like them too. I am in love with them. I might go to Target after work today.

Bridesmaid's Shoes

These are some that I like. I found them on the Payless website.

Satin Peep Toe. However, the heel is rather high for walking around all day at 3.5 inches.

Black Slide. I like these even though they are black. I don't think they come in silver. They would probably be comfortable with a 2 inch heel.

Long Long Time No See

I've been MIA on here for a while. I've been so busy with everything, that well, this wasn't the most important. Oh well. : )

So much is going on right now. The next things on my wedding to do list are:
Pick out bridesmaid's shoes and jewelry
Work on bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts
Go to IKEA and get lanterns for aisle decorations
Find and try out hair stylist for the big day
Pick out a destination for our honeymoon

In a few months we have to meet with our pastor and take our capability survery. Woo hoo. We also need to go pick out tuxes and see if anywhere has one to fit Joshua. That should be fun.

This weekend I went with my mom and Megan to see my dress. It came in about a week ago, and it is absolutely beautiful. I love it even more than the sample. I was in love with the sample when I put it on, but it is nothing compared to mine. It is perfect...well except for the alterations I have to have done. : ) That all starts in February. I'm so excited to wear it though, I can't wait for the big day.

One sad thing though about the wedding is that Sean, the best man is most likely going to be deployed in January. Joshua and I really wish he could be there, but it is also sad because he has his own family he will be away from. His son and wife were in town last week. Josh and I went over to Sean's parents to meet his son, and he is absolutely perfect. He is so adorable. I'm really happy for him.

We talked with Joshua's mom last weekend to talk about the house. We are planning on closing November 3. I'm so excited. Last night Lisa told me she gets the keys to her new place on October 25, so she hopefully will be moved out by our closing date. I'm ready to get in and get life going.

I feel like I might be getting a sinus infection. Yuck.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Can't Read.

I just cannot read any more about early civilizations. My eyes are crossing at the words about Mesopotamian culture. So it's time for a study break. I've been off today, I wasn't able to concentrate much in class this morning either. I don't know why.

I talked to our mortgage guy earlier today and he told me that our combined credit score went up, so we will be able to get a much better rate on our loan! Yay! That is awesome news. Rates are really low right now, which is awesome as well. I have to get a few things together and then he'll send it all to the underwriter and get us on our way to being homeowners. I was somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing for a while, but now I'm really excited and ready to get moving. I think it's because we have furniture now to move in. : ) Speaking of, here is my furniture, do you like?

Ha ha, we bought the furniture that is in my previous post, and this is it sitting in my garage. I hate looking at it every time I go home, I just want to get it out of the boxes and put it in our living room! I really feel like an adult now that I own a couch. I've never owned a couch before.

I got my acceptance letter last night from IPFW, which is nice because now I know for sure I'll still be in school in January. I'm excited to get started on finishing my college career. : )

I'm taking a class right now about grief and it's really making me think. The professor gives us a question each week that we are supposed to think about and then write our thoughts in a journal. I kind of already do that here, but I have to do it in a journal for class. This weeks question was, if you found out you only had a short time left to live, what unfinished business would you take care of before you died? What would you do?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

House Crazy

I took Lisa over to Sam's Club to show her the dining room table I want really bad. I love it. While we were there we kept looking around and I found the living room set I have to have. I mean, I almost opened a Sam's Club membership and credit card so I could buy it today. I didn't though. Check them both out.

Here is the dining room table:

If you like it, Click Here.

This is the living room furniture:

If you like it, Click Here. I love this. It is so comfortable and the price is amazing. In the club the price is lower than it is on the website. I don't think I'll find any furniture I like more for less money. I think this is a perfect starter set. I am so excited about it. I'm taking Josh to look at it tomorrow and I am trying to decide if I should go ahead and buy it or save up.

I cannot wait to move in to our house!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wedding Planning: Almost Done?

Last night my mom and I met with a DJ. We actually met with the owner of Quattro Systems, and we were unbelievably impressed. We liked him so much that we booked him. Their website is pretty impressive too. Check it out.

So that is all the big stuff. Josh's mom is supposed to help/do the flowers, but I don't know if she will when it comes to that time or not. My friend Breanna did her own flowers for her December wedding and I asked her if she would help me do ours. Ours are not going to be difficult at all. They're one flower. They just have to be grouped together pretty. : ) I love peonies. But from here on out, it's little stuff. My dress is supposed to be in sometime in October. I'm excited for that. My three bridesmaids should order their dresses sometime around December/January. The maid of honor dresses have already been ordered and delivered, they are fantastic. I am very excited and relieved to have this much done.

I'm working on our honeymoon now. I wrote a while ago that we were going to go to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We both talked it over and decided not to go that route. Right now we have a timeshare we are going to use for the week and the hard part is finding where we are going to use it. We will decide soon though. It is actually a relief to not go out of the county because it seems like that would be so much more of a hassle than it would to just stay in the country. We'll have so much going on at that time anyway, it will be nice to just relax with each other no matter where we are. I'm so looking forward to it. I cannot wait.

Quite A Week

It has been quite a week. And it was even a short one! Wednesday and Thursday were not the best days in the world, but there is no use complaining about them now. After a long awaited phone call (ok, I waited 24 hours, but it seemed like a lifetime) I found out that I am really going to graduate in three months. : ) Three months! Of course, that really doesn't mean much because I'll still be in school for a while. I'm excited though. Ready to get my piece of paper.

I had to add another class. That brings me to 7 classes this semester. I hope I make it. Anyway, I needed three more hours and it didn't matter what I took, I just needed something. I picked up a social work class called Grief and Loss. I missed the first class because I just signed up for it on Wednesday, which coincidentally was the second day of class. Thankfully the professor let me in. The class is like nothing I've ever taken before. My first class (the second for everyone else) we sat and talked about the five stages of grief (denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance). After we went through those we watched the movie Tuesdays With Morrie, based on the book by Mitch Albom. And I cried through the whole thing. I had never seen that movie before, but it was so good. One of our required readings for the class is The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom, which is an amazing book. I'm actually really looking forward to this class and I am really hoping I can help myself along the way. With the difficult issues I've been tossing back and forth in my head lately, it seems like I was meant to take this class. I think this is exactly what I need right now to help myself move into the next stage of my life. It is a strange moment when you realize that it all is going to work out. Sometimes it is hard to deny that things really are supposed to happen and that there is a reason for everything.

I have been slacking off of my posting. Hopefully I'll be able to pick back up on it now that this week is over. I'm thinking these past two weeks will probably be my most stressful, but check back and ask me in two and a half months. : )

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Am Obsessed

So I discovered the IKEA catalog is ONLINE!!! So here are my favorites from the catalog.

I LOVE this entire bedroom. I like the yellow cabinet too, but it only comes in yellow. I'm thinking I am going to get this Hemnes set all in black so it all matches.

This is the desk I want.

I wanted these wardrobes when I saw them before but I wasn't able to find them until now. Our closet space in our bedroom is limited, so I will need something like this to hang up my work clothes. Sigh.

This is our bedroom in white. : ) Our future bedroom. I love this whole look.

This is the whole Hemnes collection.

This wardrobe come with three doors instead of buying two separate ones with four doors. I'll have to see it in person to decide which I want.

Betcha didn't know my fiance is a model, huh? : )



Yes. I am. My 2009 IKEA catalog came in a few days ago and I've already book marked everything I want with post-it notes. One thing I'm really excited about is that I'm going to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into an office for me (Josh already has his office set up downstairs and he likes it there). So the other bedroom upstairs will be a guest room and then there is still another guest room in the basement. Anyway, back to my office, I found this desk in the IKEA catalog that I have to have. It is $169.00 which I don't think is that bad, I think it looks like a really nice desk. I can only find a picture of it together in the catalog, and only in pieces on the website, so here is the desk in separate pieces.

This is the correct top, but the wrong legs.

This is the table top to the desk.

These are the legs for each side.

The table will be white, which means I can be creative with how I paint the room. :) I'm so excited about it. If you like the desk, click here, here, and here.


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