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Friday, September 5, 2008

Wedding Planning: Almost Done?

Last night my mom and I met with a DJ. We actually met with the owner of Quattro Systems, and we were unbelievably impressed. We liked him so much that we booked him. Their website is pretty impressive too. Check it out.

So that is all the big stuff. Josh's mom is supposed to help/do the flowers, but I don't know if she will when it comes to that time or not. My friend Breanna did her own flowers for her December wedding and I asked her if she would help me do ours. Ours are not going to be difficult at all. They're one flower. They just have to be grouped together pretty. : ) I love peonies. But from here on out, it's little stuff. My dress is supposed to be in sometime in October. I'm excited for that. My three bridesmaids should order their dresses sometime around December/January. The maid of honor dresses have already been ordered and delivered, they are fantastic. I am very excited and relieved to have this much done.

I'm working on our honeymoon now. I wrote a while ago that we were going to go to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We both talked it over and decided not to go that route. Right now we have a timeshare we are going to use for the week and the hard part is finding where we are going to use it. We will decide soon though. It is actually a relief to not go out of the county because it seems like that would be so much more of a hassle than it would to just stay in the country. We'll have so much going on at that time anyway, it will be nice to just relax with each other no matter where we are. I'm so looking forward to it. I cannot wait.

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