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Sunday, September 7, 2008

House Crazy

I took Lisa over to Sam's Club to show her the dining room table I want really bad. I love it. While we were there we kept looking around and I found the living room set I have to have. I mean, I almost opened a Sam's Club membership and credit card so I could buy it today. I didn't though. Check them both out.

Here is the dining room table:

If you like it, Click Here.

This is the living room furniture:

If you like it, Click Here. I love this. It is so comfortable and the price is amazing. In the club the price is lower than it is on the website. I don't think I'll find any furniture I like more for less money. I think this is a perfect starter set. I am so excited about it. I'm taking Josh to look at it tomorrow and I am trying to decide if I should go ahead and buy it or save up.

I cannot wait to move in to our house!

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