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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


How cute is that?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Phone Photos

Here are the photos from my phone that I haven't posted yet:

An awesome project I've started at work.
Amico chasing off cats:

This is how I make McMuffins. Yum. One egg per cup, 350°, 15 minutes.

This cigar store Indian supports Harry Baals.

And for your viewing pleasure, the mayor on Jimmy Kimmel:

Work Fun

Does it sound like those words should even go together?

They do where I work.

I happen to work in a seriously old building and it has tunnels and a bunch of awesome hidden stuff. I don't have the keys to all the cool doors, but my coworkers do, so when we weren't busy one afternoon this week we went for a tour.

This is from a balcony in the top of the dome. If you look closely you can see the third floor has the square opening, and second floor has the round opening, and the first floor is inside the circle. It was a little creepy to look out onto this. The people I was with were afraid of heights, so I was pretty much on my own for this one.
From the last picture, if you look directly up into the dome, you see this. I always thought this was lit by the outside.
I guess, technically it is, but it is by the windows you can see in the background, not direct sunlight.
The building goes a lot higher than this, and eventually you would reach the outside, but like I said, I had a bunch of sissies with me, so I only went a few floors higher. It isn't much fun when you're going by yourself.

For perspective, the highest I went was right under the clock where the big windows are. 

My boss said that he'd go with me all the way to the top because its really something to see.

And there is your history lesson for the day, without any details.

Wonderful Saturday

Wonderful lunch/dinner at Panera with Megan. It was so good I want to go back today!
I got up early to have coffee with Maria and got to see the beautiful sun come up.
Doesn't he just blend in?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Have you ever had an object that reminds you of someone?
When my dad asked me what I wanted from my grandma's house, this is the first thing that immediately came to mind. It is a small glass bluebird that she's had sitting around probably all of my life.

I hate to put sentimental value into a piece of glass, but I have.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. camera
2. chair
3. shoes
4. imperfection
5. camera phone
Next week's list:
  1. Decay (old/abandoned)
  2. Groups of Three  (Exploring with a Camera prompt)
  3. Kitchen (next Paper Heart Camera theme -consider a self portrait for this one)
  4. Things that make you go "hmmm" (Chic Homeschool Mama's suggestion)
  5. "Me" Time (Chic Homeschool Mama's suggestion)
What do you think?


I've been talking a lot lately about weight loss.

Weight loss is one of those topics where everyone believes that what they believe is right. Which is cool. You have that right to believe whatever you want, even if it's wrong. I typically don't like to discuss workouts with people who are so set in their beliefs that they won't even listen to yours. (For a parallel thought of mine, switch out the word "workout" for "religion" or "politics". All three of these are typically topics I only discuss with Joshua).

So I'm not going to give you workout advice here, because you don't want it, right? If you did want it, you'd ask for it.

What I am going to tell you is that no amount of working out or dieting is going to make you happy unless you're realistic about yourself.

This is going to sound like the dumbest thing in the world, but it really happened to me.

Before our wedding I lost weight. After our wedding I gained weight. That isn't the ridiculous part.

The ridiculous part is that one day I was in the car and had this revelation in my head. I realized that I need to let go of the thought that one day I will be tall & thin. I will never be Eva Mendes.

I can promise you, that at 25 years old, and 5'2", I will never be tall, and with the body type I've been given, I will never be thin. The truth is, I don't want to be thin. I want to be strong with less fat. I mean really, you've got to work with what you've been given, right? I am under no illusion that I will be sports-bra-girl at the gym, or will I ever be "willowy". It isn't going to happen.

And I'm ok with that.

What is your goal?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Favorite Things

I haven't done a favorite things post in a while, so here we go.

Cupcake Vinyard - Red Velvet. Their website sells this for $12 but I got it for somewhere between $5-$8 at Sam's Club. Sorry, I don't have my receipt handy.
 I think I've discovered another favorite color of mine.

 Pure Ice - Risk Taker

English Muffins. I've never had an English muffin before yesterday. I'm dead serious. Unless Egg McMuffins are counted, then I have.

Random Puppy Picture

This is how we are spending our lazy Saturday morning.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen

Welcome to the best weather day all year:
This makes me sooooo happy.

At least happier than this girl at Germanfest:
I wonder what her problem was.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Operation: Organization

Quick fix:
I saw this idea yesterday while I was looking around on Pinterest. Our cords were getting a bit out of control and this helped to tame them immensely, and immediately.

Let me know if you want to check out Pinterest and I'll send you an invite. I believe I just need your email address.

It's Open

I finally got my craft table cleaned off and decided it was (way past) time to open my sewing machine. I got it for Christmas.

So there you are. It's open. I still don't have a clue how to use it.

So yeah.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Welcome to the Jungle. This is as close as it gets.
2. Under.
3. Calm.
You get two calm pictures.
4. Square crop/format.
5. Vanishing Point. I don't know if this qualifies since you can see the end, but this is all I've got.

Next week's list:

  1. Camera Phone (current Mortal Muses theme - you can either share a picture taken with your camera phone [not limited to iphones since I don't own one] or get creative with the prompt)
  2. Camera (Becky's suggestion)
  3. Shoes (Becky's suggestion)
  4. Chair (Ewa's suggestion)
  5. Imperfection (Jennifer's suggestion)
 Anyone doing this? Enjoying these type of posts? Anyone?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It

I was born in the 80's. I like music older than me though.

One of my bosses (I literally have like 17, but not in an Office Space kind of way) who I sit next to at work is always playing older music on his radio, typically not the same type of  music I like, but since I sit by the window, I don't complain. Much.

For my birthday a few weeks ago, a coworker bought me a Best Buy gift card. I had no idea what to get with it. I walked around the store for a while and couldn't really find anything I wanted (I didn't even wander into the appliances section because that would have been a disaster) and was on my way out the door when I realized that I should get an iTunes gift card with it. So thats what I did.

I'll spare you the long drawn out battle I had to endure to actually get the music I bought, but it took forever. Eventually I was able to download my music.

I bought The Beetles, LOVE album. I've never owned any Beetles music before, and saw this had a long of songs on it that I already know and like.

One thing I did learn, that I was not previously aware of, is that this is a Beetles song:

Not originally a Boyz II Men song.

I for sure, for sure thought this was all Boyz II Men.

Learn something new everyday.

Goals Check In

Is anyone out there doing a 101 in 1001 goals list?

I made mine about a year ago, and looked through it a few days ago.

I'm not doing so hot.

Starting out I got a good jump on the easy ones. Duh. Then the newness wore off and I wasn't trying as hard to do it. I forgot some goals and frankly, didn't want to do some of them.

It also never occurred to me while I was writing my list that some of my goals would become impossible before my end date.

One of my goals was to walk Duckie once.

Another goal was to call my grandma once every week just to say hello.

Neither one of those goals are achievable anymore. My grandma died last Friday. She was 78.

I don't like to get super personal on my blog, because I know my life isn't as important to you as it is to me. That's just how it is. I've been trying to find a way to post about this since she died, and I still haven't come up with a very good way to do it.

My favorite bible verse that puts me at ease with death is:
"My life is being given as an offering to God, and the time has come for me to leave this life. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:6-7

 This is after my baptism in March 2008.

Random Pictures

Now that I have my new camera I rarely use my cell phone as a camera anymore...you're welcome. Thank Joshua.

I was just looking through my email and found these that I haven't posted.

Isn't this an awful picture?
I think he looks like Crazy Eyes from Mr. Deeds here. If you ask my mom, she'll tell you that Natalie Portman was in Mr. Deeds. 

I'm Pretty Sure It Is Spring

The sky had about ten different looks today. This morning when I woke up (the second time) the sun was so bright. Then it was cloudy/overcast and then around 4 it started looking like this.

Tomorrow on the Sunday Scavenger Hunt, one of the items is a vanishing point. If I wanted to be a cheater I would totally use this picture that I took two or three years ago (no idea when it was). I don't know the name of this road, but I call it Tree Lane. It is very close to Megan's parents house and I absolutely love it.

I would so use this.

Wonderful Dessert

Last week Megan told me about this super easy, super good, pretty healthy (as far as desserts go) dessert.

This is how easy it is:

One can of pie filling - any flavor of your choice
One box of Angel Food Cake Mix

Mix together. Bake for 30 minutes at 350°.

Don't add anything else to it. No water, no nothing.

I don't know the calories, but I believe Megan told me that it is one Weight Watchers point per serving. I don't know if that is old points or new points though. A lot of help I am, huh?

I've been killing it this week. I used cherry filling, and I'm really curious to find out how much I'll love the blackberry one I see myself making in the future.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday

Can I please have five more minutes? How about two?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I had a very hard time this week.

1. Diptych. For an explanation of what diptych photograph is, click here.

2. Fill in the blank:
When I think about how cold the ground is in the beginning of March I just have to sit on my front porch in the morning.
 3. Book
 4. Reminders: Mine are of how much your entire life can change.

 5. A Taste of Italy

Next week's list is:
  1. Vanishing Point
  2. Square Crop/Format  (Exploring with a Camera prompt)
  3. Under (next Paper Heart Camera theme)
  4. "Welcome to the Jungle" (new challenge theme hosted by Kimberly at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. and Me: go to her website for more details)
  5. Calm (suggested by Mommy Rachelle) 


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