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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It

I was born in the 80's. I like music older than me though.

One of my bosses (I literally have like 17, but not in an Office Space kind of way) who I sit next to at work is always playing older music on his radio, typically not the same type of  music I like, but since I sit by the window, I don't complain. Much.

For my birthday a few weeks ago, a coworker bought me a Best Buy gift card. I had no idea what to get with it. I walked around the store for a while and couldn't really find anything I wanted (I didn't even wander into the appliances section because that would have been a disaster) and was on my way out the door when I realized that I should get an iTunes gift card with it. So thats what I did.

I'll spare you the long drawn out battle I had to endure to actually get the music I bought, but it took forever. Eventually I was able to download my music.

I bought The Beetles, LOVE album. I've never owned any Beetles music before, and saw this had a long of songs on it that I already know and like.

One thing I did learn, that I was not previously aware of, is that this is a Beetles song:

Not originally a Boyz II Men song.

I for sure, for sure thought this was all Boyz II Men.

Learn something new everyday.

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