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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work Fun

Does it sound like those words should even go together?

They do where I work.

I happen to work in a seriously old building and it has tunnels and a bunch of awesome hidden stuff. I don't have the keys to all the cool doors, but my coworkers do, so when we weren't busy one afternoon this week we went for a tour.

This is from a balcony in the top of the dome. If you look closely you can see the third floor has the square opening, and second floor has the round opening, and the first floor is inside the circle. It was a little creepy to look out onto this. The people I was with were afraid of heights, so I was pretty much on my own for this one.
From the last picture, if you look directly up into the dome, you see this. I always thought this was lit by the outside.
I guess, technically it is, but it is by the windows you can see in the background, not direct sunlight.
The building goes a lot higher than this, and eventually you would reach the outside, but like I said, I had a bunch of sissies with me, so I only went a few floors higher. It isn't much fun when you're going by yourself.

For perspective, the highest I went was right under the clock where the big windows are. 

My boss said that he'd go with me all the way to the top because its really something to see.

And there is your history lesson for the day, without any details.

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