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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Time To Get Up!

What? You can't hear me?

I love little animals.


Do you get enough of it? Right now I have pretty healthy bones, but I'm actually starting to get worried about my future self. My grandma has osteoporosis and it is really rough on her. I figured an easy way to help myself now would be to start taking calcium. I take a daily vitamin, but it doesn't have much in it, so I got these Viactiv chews from the store.
 These are acutally really good. I'm not saying you should eat them like candy (my brothers get in trouble because they always want to eat their vitamins because they taste good) but they are nothing like a "chewable" pill that makes you want to vomit. It is totally no sacrifice at all to take these.

If you don't think you're getting enough, you should check these out.

Greek Yogurt

So I have been having really good luck with Greek Yogurt. It has all been really good. So while I was shopping today, I decided to try this out.
I have to say, this is probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever put in my mouth. I couldn't even finish one cup. It was like the worlds most horrible pudding. I'm really not a picky eater anymore, but I will probably never eat this again. Try at your own risk.

All other flavors are good so far!

Shake Weight

Have you heard of this? I heard of it from the Ellen Show. I love her. Watch this video.

I was checking out at Wal-Mart today, and I found the Shake Weight. It can be yours for only $19.99. Where can you find it, you ask? Why, it is right next to the Milk Duds, right under the Whoppers, and right above the Snickers bars. Right where workout equipment belongs.

My Heaven

I went to The Country Kitchen today because I was having a really hard time finding purple sprinkles. I got there and found this. I love this place. It is definitely my new favorite store. They have an entire wall that holds cookie cutters. It is fabulous.

I'm The Best Dog Mom, Ever.

I went to get dog food today and picked up some new toys for Amico while I was there. He was chewing on Betty's old toys, and they were obviously for a puppy and not a dog, so I got him some more his size.

I got him this NylaBone because that is what he used to chew on of Betty's. He really liked it, and he likes this one as well.

I also got him a super tough Kong. He had a ball that was a generic Kong, but he picked pieces of the edges, so it was time for a new one. I think he likes it.

He looks happy, doesn't he?

I'm happy because it keeps him from chewing on my stuff.

Amico is 4 years old, and we figured he would be past the chewing stage, but he wants to gnaw on everything. Do your dogs chew?

The Road to Recovery

Ok, not really. I'm not a serious addict or anything. Wait, does that mean I'm in denial?

Anyway, I wrote last week about cutting my caffeine habit. It had gotten to the point where if I missed a cup, I'd have a screaming migraine by two in the afternoon. I'm so serious.

Back right after we got engaged I stopped drinking coffee to save money and lose weight. I had a super expensive Starbucks habit (an iced-grande-non fat-no whip-white mocha, please).When I was finishing up my B.A. I can remember going there as many as three times a day. That is $15 per day, $75 per week, and at that pace, would have put me at $3,900 per year. It is obvious that I didn't have a mortgage or car payment...or well, any payment of any kind.

And Hellooooo Heart Attack! Expensive on the wallet, and expensive on calories. Three white mochas add up to: 1050 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 183 grams of carbs. If you want to know exactly what is in your Starbucks drink, click here.

Back then I lived with my parents and they didn't have a coffee maker (they're crazy). My dad had a fancy espresso maker, but I was never patient enough to learn how to use it. Anyway, I stopped drinking coffee all together for six months. I'm not entirely sure why I started up again, but I did, and here I am. I never ever went back to my three times a day Starbucks, but I do occasionally go get one. I never let myself do it two days in a row either.

Now that I have my Keurig, I really only go to SBux to visit with friends. I just realized that I never posted about the new Keurig they sent me. I wrote about my first one breaking after two weeks. I called the super nice guy on the phone and in five minutes he was sending me a new machine. When the new one came I set it up, and its been going ever since. No problems at all. We've probably had it about a month now. I love it.

Joshua and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday to get some KCups for the coffeemaker. I decided to only pick out decaf so I wouldn't have another choice.

I love the regular Green Mountain Hazelnut, so I figured I'd try their decaf. It tastes exactly the same, and its helping me trick myself into believing I'm drinking real coffee. So far I've only had dull headaches. I've had sooooo many people tell me that I'm supposed to gradually cut myself back. I just decided to be a beast and do it all at once. That isn't really what I decided, but it sounds better than me just being lazy and not wanting to figure out how to do it. I'm getting there though.

What is the one thing you have to have?

Holy Hell

Check out this train wreck. I'm pretty glad we don't have cable anymore. Hopefully my mom won't make me watch it again.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Favorite Movie

"From this moment on, you shall now be known as Sharkbait."

Greek Yogurt

I tried a different brand of Greek Yogurt today. It is StonyField Oikos Honey flavored Greek Yogurt. I really like this one too. It tastes almost exactly like the Dannon I tried last week.

Have you tried Greek yogurt? I've heard Chobani is really good, but I don't know if I want to splurge on it. What do you think?


Have you tried MultiGrain Cheerios yet? I think they're great. I like them way better than plain Cheerios, and they are pretty filling.

There are five different grains.
Yesterday, at the grocery, I saw this.

Why would you even bother getting the smaller box? The big one is only $0.04 more.
Do you like MultiGrain Cheerios?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Puppy Picture

Enjoying the sunshine.

Sitting Down...

You're doing it wrong.

Cutest Thing Today

Yeah, it's still early, but in my morning fogginess, I think this is too cute.

I just saw this lunch box and I think it is adorable.

Don't you??

Click here to see all the other fun animal lunch boxes!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fiber One Muffins

Will tear you up. For sure.

I made these last Sunday, and they are so good...but just make sure you don't eat too many. At 5g of fiber per muffin, they're 20% of your recommended daily value.

They Love Each Other.

For now, that is.
They love hanging out with our dad at Dunkin' Donuts. They're so funny.

Nail Fail.

I've posted here before that I'm pretty much a fashion fail. Not only am I a clothing fail, but I'm also a hair and nail fail.

Last week I won an awesome giveaway, and the stuff came to my house on Saturday. Included was a bottle of green nail polish. I'm strictly a cream, ivory, light pink polish wearer. I personally am not a fan of my fingernails, and would rather not outline how small they actually are. So I put on the green polish, and I'm just not sure it was me. I didn't take it off right away though, because I thought maybe I'd get used to it.

Well, I didn't. I took it off, and ever since then I've wondered why I can't wear colors.

So tonight, I had to run to the store to take back a movie to the Redbox, and I needed to pick up some milk. A little while ago I read Ashley's post on TheThingAboutDaisies about Sally Hansen's Commander In Chic nail polish. I found it at the store, but didn't want to pay the full price for it. I found the Rimmel knockoff..which was $2.88, but was also empty. Everyone must have the same idea.

So I picked out a fairly cheap polish, I think it was Revlon, before I discovered the clearance basket.

Inside, I found these.

Left: Sally Hansen, Angel Wings. Right: Sally Hansen, Naked Ambition.

They don't look much different in this picture, and they're only slightly different in person, but I really like them both. And they're definitely not anything out of the ordinary (which totally defeats my purpose in buying new polish...another fail). But, they were on clearance for $2. If I had bought these before I would have spent $13 (I never would have spent that), but instead I got them for $4.

I just put on the Naked Ambition, and while I like the color, I think I need a lesson on how to paint my nails. It is pretty uneven, and really doesn't look great.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas?


"These cooking shows are soooo boring. Time for my nap."

Need A Laugh?

You know you do.

I love funny stuff. Who doesn't? Some time around when People of Walmart came out, I started collecting links in a folder in my bookmarks labeled "nonsense". Because that is what it really is. Since then, that has become the folder I use the most, and it is a really good way to make myself laugh.

Here is my master list:

LameBook I just found LameBook a few nights ago, but some of the stuff on there is hilarious.
Pale Is The New Tan makes fun of people who tan way, way, way to much.
LolDogs Is funny. I post pictures on here every once in a while that I find there.
Unrelated Captions is a hit or miss. Some stuff is good.
Passive Agressive Notes is always hysterical.
My Life Is Average is an old fav.

Those are my most visited. You should check them out.

More Cookies!

This isn't a super happy post. My mom's friend's dad died, and instead of sending flowers, she asked me to make cookies. I think its a good idea because my family always spends an outrageous amount of money on flowers, or a blanket, or a garden stone, or anything, and I'm all about giving food, and it doesn't cost that much to make.

So my mom called me yesterday and requested that I make her ten dozen by today. I'm dead serious. So that is all I did today.

I'm happy with how the packages turned out. The only bummer is that I didn't have enough time to wait for the boxes to go on sale at the Hob Lob. Typically everything goes 50% off every other week, but I couldn't wait until next week, so I had to pay full price. If I had been able to wait, all of the supplies would have cost $15 instead of $30. Perhaps I should consider stocking up for next time.

I couldn't find five boxes all the same size, so I did three round and two oval.

These cookie packets are just like the ones I made for Allison a few weeks ago.

When I made Allison's boxes, I wrapped them with ribbon that came up from all four sides. I decided to change that for two reasons this time. 1. It used a lot of ribbon. When I did the other boxes, I used one roll for two boxes. It went fast. 2. I didn't want the family to have to deal with the ribbon or tying it back up. That much ribbon can be a hassle, and really it isn't worth it.

I did it this way in order to keep the lid on, and the usage of ribbon limited.

I used my scissors to put a hole in the side, threaded the ribbon though, and used Scotch tape to secure it inside. Then I pulled up both sides and tied the bow.

I really had a hard time figuring out how in the world to decorate these. I don't take death lightly, and I absolutely respect the grief that families experience during this time. I was worried that if I used a black ribbon it would be too dramatic, and I knew I couldn't use my left over green polka dots either. I decided to look up the awareness color of throat cancer, and it happened to be burgundy. I thought it was a very appropriate color, and decided to do with that. They still turned out to be cheery packages, but not super over the top.

I bought blank note cards for my mom to fill out so that she didn't have to buy cards too.
All supplies are from Hobby Lobby, except for the cookies, which are from my kitchen. Ingredients are from Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smooth Move

Joshua, you'll like this. Watch around the 0:12 mark.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm going to try to switch to decaf...or at least half-caf....only problem is, this is me in the morning:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Passive Agressive Notes

I love PassiveAgressiveNotes.com They have the funniest stuff.

"At our submitter’s college dorm in Lexington, Kentucky, one of the RAs posts an inspirational quote on the bathroom door each week. When one of the residents questioned why those “thoughts/encouragements” always happened to come from the Bible, the RA responded with a new source of inspiration."

Happy Spring

Today is the first official day of spring! Goodbye winter!

Instead of a picture of flowers, like you might expect..here is a picture of my dog.

You're welcome.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bagel Thins

I picked up some of these Bagel Thins when I was shopping yesterday. I love bagels, but they have about 300 calories each, so I thought these would be a good idea because they only have 110 calories each.

Super thin. They almost resemble the Arnold Sandwich Thins.

Bad thing is, I wasn't filled up and wanted to eat another one, which defeats the purpose of getting a Bagel Thin and not a Bagel Thick. 

I might have to settle with the real thing.

Airplane Season Has Begun

Dear Spring:
Please put some leaves on these trees so that I don't have to panic each time a plane flies over the house. I'd rather not be able to see them. Thanks.

What Will They Come Out With Next

Really? A vibrating mascara. More like mascary.

Yogurt Showdown

I have been wanting to try Greek Yogurt for a while now, and last night at the grocery I got some. I also have been seeing the Yoplait Delights Parfait cups and thought the Caramel Delight looked really good.

The Greek Yogurt by Dannon tasted like regular yogurt with a slightly thicker consistency.

The Yoplait Delights have a richer flavor, and taste more like pudding.

I had this honey flavor this morning with my breakfast. It was pretty good too, but not as flavorful as the strawberry. Personally, I'll probably buy the Greek yogurt again, but I'm not sure if I'll get the Yoplait Parfait pack again. You should try them out though, and see what you like.

My yummy breakfast.

This is the generic version of Special K Red Berries. Much cheaper, and just as tasty.
Anyone want to clean my messy house?

I'll Just Wait Right Here...

Until you come back in.

PSA: Vanilla

A few days ago I asked about the difference between pure vanilla extract and imitation vanilla. A lady at work told me yesterday that she uses pure vanilla because you can use less. When I got off work yesterday I went shopping, and just picked up some pure vanilla at Sam's because I thought it was a good price.

Check this out:

Walmart - 2.0 oz Pure Vanilla Extract - $4.12

Sam's Club - 100% Pure Vanilla Extract 16 oz. $6.88

To break it down a little more:
Walmart $2.06/oz
Sam's Club:  $0.43/oz.

Which would you rather buy? It's gonna last me forever.


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