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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Road to Recovery

Ok, not really. I'm not a serious addict or anything. Wait, does that mean I'm in denial?

Anyway, I wrote last week about cutting my caffeine habit. It had gotten to the point where if I missed a cup, I'd have a screaming migraine by two in the afternoon. I'm so serious.

Back right after we got engaged I stopped drinking coffee to save money and lose weight. I had a super expensive Starbucks habit (an iced-grande-non fat-no whip-white mocha, please).When I was finishing up my B.A. I can remember going there as many as three times a day. That is $15 per day, $75 per week, and at that pace, would have put me at $3,900 per year. It is obvious that I didn't have a mortgage or car payment...or well, any payment of any kind.

And Hellooooo Heart Attack! Expensive on the wallet, and expensive on calories. Three white mochas add up to: 1050 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 183 grams of carbs. If you want to know exactly what is in your Starbucks drink, click here.

Back then I lived with my parents and they didn't have a coffee maker (they're crazy). My dad had a fancy espresso maker, but I was never patient enough to learn how to use it. Anyway, I stopped drinking coffee all together for six months. I'm not entirely sure why I started up again, but I did, and here I am. I never ever went back to my three times a day Starbucks, but I do occasionally go get one. I never let myself do it two days in a row either.

Now that I have my Keurig, I really only go to SBux to visit with friends. I just realized that I never posted about the new Keurig they sent me. I wrote about my first one breaking after two weeks. I called the super nice guy on the phone and in five minutes he was sending me a new machine. When the new one came I set it up, and its been going ever since. No problems at all. We've probably had it about a month now. I love it.

Joshua and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday to get some KCups for the coffeemaker. I decided to only pick out decaf so I wouldn't have another choice.

I love the regular Green Mountain Hazelnut, so I figured I'd try their decaf. It tastes exactly the same, and its helping me trick myself into believing I'm drinking real coffee. So far I've only had dull headaches. I've had sooooo many people tell me that I'm supposed to gradually cut myself back. I just decided to be a beast and do it all at once. That isn't really what I decided, but it sounds better than me just being lazy and not wanting to figure out how to do it. I'm getting there though.

What is the one thing you have to have?

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