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Friday, March 19, 2010

Yogurt Showdown

I have been wanting to try Greek Yogurt for a while now, and last night at the grocery I got some. I also have been seeing the Yoplait Delights Parfait cups and thought the Caramel Delight looked really good.

The Greek Yogurt by Dannon tasted like regular yogurt with a slightly thicker consistency.

The Yoplait Delights have a richer flavor, and taste more like pudding.

I had this honey flavor this morning with my breakfast. It was pretty good too, but not as flavorful as the strawberry. Personally, I'll probably buy the Greek yogurt again, but I'm not sure if I'll get the Yoplait Parfait pack again. You should try them out though, and see what you like.

My yummy breakfast.

This is the generic version of Special K Red Berries. Much cheaper, and just as tasty.
Anyone want to clean my messy house?

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