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Monday, March 8, 2010

Quote of the Day

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”
― Patricia Neal

This is a true story. I am so frustrated! I just read this month's Real Simple, and when I was finished I threw it away. I've been looking for the story on the Real Simple website, and can't find it there, I've even tried to Google it.

So here is my short, memory-pieced-together, version of her amazing story. The woman in that picture was training to be a marathon runner. She went into the doctor (I can't remember why) but they found a large lump in her lung and said it was 90% likely that it was cancer. They did a test and it showed up cancer on the results. Her doctors sent her to a lung surgeon because she would have to have a large part of her lung removed, meaning she wouldn't be able to be a long distance runner anymore. She was devastated by the news, and decided she had to run a marathon before she had her surgery. It happened to be at the wrong time of year to get into any (it was November), so she organized her own marathon in her home town. She was the only one who ran the entire thing, but family members and friends ran legs of it with her for support. She finished the whole marathon and felt like she had accomplished her goal.

So a few weeks later she went in to get her lung surgery and once they had her opened up they found that the lump in her lung was only an infection, and not cancer after all. The story says that infection lights up just like cancer on the tests, so they sewed her back up and sent her home.

It was really an amazing story.

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