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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need A Laugh?

You know you do.

I love funny stuff. Who doesn't? Some time around when People of Walmart came out, I started collecting links in a folder in my bookmarks labeled "nonsense". Because that is what it really is. Since then, that has become the folder I use the most, and it is a really good way to make myself laugh.

Here is my master list:

LameBook I just found LameBook a few nights ago, but some of the stuff on there is hilarious.
Pale Is The New Tan makes fun of people who tan way, way, way to much.
LolDogs Is funny. I post pictures on here every once in a while that I find there.
Unrelated Captions is a hit or miss. Some stuff is good.
Passive Agressive Notes is always hysterical.
My Life Is Average is an old fav.

Those are my most visited. You should check them out.

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