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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I love cookies. :)

My friend Allison and I got to talking about cookies. She had a few thank you gifts she wanted to get out, and I love to bake, so it worked out.

I got these paper mache boxes and ribbon at Hobby Lobby. They were all half off, and for three boxes and two rolls of ribbon, it was around $11.00. I already had this tissue paper. Green is my favorite color. :)

I stuffed the boxes with tissue paper and then put in the cookie packages. Each box had two dozen.

I wrapped them back to back in cling wrap, in hopes they wouldn't break.

I think they're cute.

Allison gave me her own thank you notes so I slipped them in under the bow.

All three packages, ready for delivery.
What do you think?


  1. Love them!!! Thank you again! And so you know.. I used the green and white thank you cards just like the one I wrote to you! =]

    I was a little worried about your twitter post... did you get lost in New Haven?! lol, I hope that delivering them wasn't too much of a hassel!

    You're amazing for doing this for me! Everything looked great and I'm sure they loved them (I ate the whole bag you sent back with me! woops!).

  2. P.S. Did you tuck one of your business cards under there as well?? =D

  3. cute! I am glad you found something to put the cookies in. I liked how they turned out and wrapped in ribbon!!!



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