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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silly Ol' Me

My family decided to take a mini-vacation this week since my parents are off work. So my parents and my two brothers are in Indianapolis right now visiting the zoo and tomorrow the children's museum. I am 22 years old. Shouldn't a 22 year old be delighted to have the entire house to herself? I normally am. I am possibly being too sensitive and emotional right now, but it's weird that they aren't in town. I almost feel sad that we're not in the same city. I was just laying on the couch reading my book and thought about how I would handle my life if we moved to Arizona. It would have been so hard. I know I would have made it, but I would have cried. A lot. I would have been ok though, eventually.

This post doesn't really have a point, just that I'm a baby.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers.


Joshua bought a cookbook last week and "we" decided to make something out of it. Meaning I made it and he ate it. This is the cookbook he got.

It is for guys who are trying to gain muscle, but basically the recipes are good for anyone. Here is the recipe for the stuffed peppers I made tonight, they were amazing, and I don't even like green peppers.
4 Bell peppers (green, yellow, or red)
1/4 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 pound extra-lean ground beef
1 egg white
1/2 finely chopped yellow onion
2 tablespoons no-salt canned corn
1 tablespoon finely chopped dried or fresh parsley
1/4 cup toasted wheat germ
Pinch of ground black pepper
3/4 cup low sodium tomato or spaghetti sauce
1 teaspoon prepared horseradish

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 425 F. Pour 1/4" of water into a baking pan. Cut off the tops of the bell peppers, then carefully remove the seeds and membranes (pinch them out with your fingers or use a paring knife) and discard. Lightly coat the skins of the peppers with the oil. Place the peppers cut side down into the baking pan. Bake for ten minutes.

Step 2: In a large bowl, mix together the beef, egg white, onion, corn, parsley, wheat germ, black pepper, and 1/4 cup of the sauce.

Step 3: When the peppers are ready, remove them from the oven. Reduce the heat to 350 F. Fill each pepper with 1/4 of the beef mixture, then return the peppers to the baking pan cut side up (the pan should still have about 1/4" of water in it.)

Step 4: Bake for 30 minutes. Stir together the horseradish and the remaining 1/2 cup tomato sauce and add a little to the top of each pepper. Bake for 15 minutes longer, or until the meat is no longer pink.

Makes 4 servings.

Per serving: 217 calories, 27g protein, 16g carbohydrates, 6g, fat, 4g fiber.

My take: I made this without the wheat germ. It is in the baking section with the flax seed and stuff like that. It was a little expensive and I wasn't sure it was worth it. Also, I could only find raw wheat germ and I would have had to toast it, and I didn't feel like taking the time. Also, Josh doesn't like horseradish so we went without that I and put extra tomato sauce on the top. Instead of using extra-virgin olive oil, I sprayed the outsides of the peppers with fat-free olive oil spray. I also didn't cut the onion very fine. It was pretty chunky, but very good. I was going to make this with red bell peppers because they are much more nutritionally beneficial, however, one red bell pepper cost $2.08, while one green bell pepper cost $0.48. No comparison. Especially when I was making so many. I doubled this recipe and made eight so that Josh would have some to take to work for lunch. They were really good. Somehow, even though I doubled the recipe, the cooking times were still about right. It's different from anything I've ever made, but I'll probably make these again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Most Adorable Girl EVER.

This is Isabella, our beautiful and adorable flower girl. We went and bought her dress today and she looked wonderful in it! I'm so excited for her to be in our wedding! Isn't she beautiful??

Talk About A Beast

This is the face of a beast. Seriously. Usain Bolt ran the 200m in 19.30 seconds, breaking the world record set my Michael Johnson in 1996. AND he even slowed down before he crossed the finish line again. He's probably doing it so he can break his own records later on.

Today is his 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday.

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.


I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a happy and healthy life. I have a wonderful and supporting fiance who loves me for who I am. I have a loving family who has always been there for me. I am marrying into a family who (mostly) loves me, ha ha, just kidding, they do. I have amazing friends who I couldn't be without.

I feel like sometimes I lose sight of the important things in my life.

Yesterday, I found out that a girl I cheered with in high school had a large brain tumor removed. And it hit me like a ton of rocks.

I had that brain thing last year. Thankfully nothing was wrong with mine, but what if there had been? Life can change on you in an instant. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, but I also forget how bad things can really be.

I live an amazing life. I don't have a lot of money, and I don't have everything I could ever want, which is fine. I am so thankful for the health of my family and friends. I have been blessed with more amazing people than I think some ever know.

And I truly recognize how blessed I am.

That is the end of my thankfulness post, now go hug a loved one, they might not be there tomorrow.

Granny's Got A Gun

I just saw this on Good Morning America. Grandma's a badass. This post is from dlisted.com.

85-year-old Leda Smith of Point Marion, PA is not about to let some punk ass bitch fuck with her home! On Sunday afternoon, Leda was chilling in her home, probably smoking a bong and listening to Wu Tang, when she heard some bitch breaking into her house. Leda said her neighbor's home was recently robbed, so she had been keeping a .22-caliber revolver near her bed.

She went on to say, "I just walked right on past him to the bedroom and got my gun. I said 'What are you doing in my house?' He just kept saying he didn't do it." Leda then made the 17-year-old robber call the police while she kept the gun pointed at him. She ordered him to hand her the phone so that she could report his ass. With the 911 operator on the line, she instructed him to lie face down on the floor with his legs spread. She continued to the point the gun at him. This memaw doesn't eff around. I guess watching all those episodes of "Barney Miller" really paid off.

The 17-year-old was charged with attempted burglary and related offenses in juvenile court.

Leda said she found the whole thing "exciting." Granny got a taste for the gangsta life and now she's not going back! She also said, "I just hope I broke up the (burglary) ring because they have been hitting a lot of places around here." I hope all the criminals of Point Marion, PA heard that loud and clear. There's a new head bitch in charge and her name is Leda Smith.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've been weird today. My thoughts have been all over the place. This could be due to the fact that I don't have to work the next two days (yay for mini-not-going-anywhere-vacations). I'm so excited to just not be at work.

This morning I threw my LSAT prep books away. I don't really know why I was keeping them. I hate clutter and normally throw things away immediately. I don't know if I was holding on to them because I didn't know if I was making the right decision or not, but this morning I looked at them and thought to myself "those have got to go". Every time I'd look at them I would get a little rush of panic.

I read an article this morning about hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, whatever you want to call it. This girl went and got hypnotized to not bite the skin around her fingernails and it supposedly worked for her. She said it's not that she completely forgot about biting them, but it made her aware of it. Like when she goes to do it she realized it and acknowledged that she isn't going to do it. The article said that certain personalities are more apt to respond to hypnotherapy, the ones they described made me think I would respond to it. I actually thought long and hard about what I would be hypnotized for before I came up with a good answer. At first I thought I should do it as a diet thing (which, by the way, I'm not getting it done, but if I were to...) but my problem isn't with one food that I could just ban from my life. I go in phases. One week I'm obsessed with cereal, the next week I can't eat enough peanuts, the next week I'm addicted to popcorn, and in the case of this week: string cheese. So in order to save myself money and the inconvenience of having to schedule a weekly hypnosis, I'll skip the diet therapy. So then I decided I'd be hypnotized into working out every single day. Which I basically do now, but would become a very big problem if I happened to get injured. Or maybe it wouldn't even work that way. Anyway, the basic point of the article is that hypnosis isn't like the movies you see where every time you hear a train whistle you cluck like a chicken. They were saying it's a good thing. Whether it works or not is up to you.

I absolutely hate the word "random". I hate when people randomly say the word random and think they make sense. Random is not a sentence and it bothers me to no end when people (typically females my age or younger) use it as one. Today I was texting Megan about a million different things all at once (like I typically do) and I realized that I am a completely random person. I was talking to her about one serious thing and then switched to a completely unrelated topic with absolutely no relevance (which I also do often in this very blog). And I do it all the time. I am a random person. It bothers me that the word I hate describes me so well. Is there a synonym for random?

Someone Please Find J Lo A Clue..

Blog post copied from Jennsylvania

August 20, 2008
Jenny from the Blockhead
I just heard about this story on Mamarazzi (who got it from MSNBC.)
Jennifer Lopez, who appeared on Good Morning, America August 18th to discuss her preparations for the Malibu Triathlon, was overheard saying after the segment that she “couldn’t understand why everyone is talking about that swimmer,” according to a GMA source. “She couldn’t come up with (eight-time gold-medal winner Michael) Phelps’ name, [emphasis mine] and then she yammered on about how she was the one training for a triathlon just six months after giving birth, and how that was the big story right now, not ‘the swimmer.’ ”

So, on the one hand, yay her for losing her baby bulk which had to be difficult if my experience with attempting to shed cupcake weight is any indication and even though she has the means and wherewithal to hire every single professional in the world to help her with this quest.


"This is what real bling looks like, bitch."

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

House Update

Josh's family decided where they are going to be moving, and they can move into their respective homes around the third week of September. That doesn't mean though that we'll have the house by then, it just means that's when they'll start moving out. That's probably when I'll start painting and stuff. I'm excited that it will still be nice outside. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated!

Book Club

I finished this book, and I loved it. I can't wait for the second one to come out. For the summaries see the post from a couple days ago, it has all the information you'll ever need. : )

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Olympics

Ok, I'll talk about the Olympics. Everyone else is.

I'm not going to lie, I've never actually watched the Olympics before. Some years I'll watch the opening ceremony (for like five minutes) and then I'll be over it. Much like this year. The opening weekend, is all I watched. I watched pairs volleyball (those girls are awesome). I watched women's power lifting (whoa). I watched men's and women's gymnastics, basketball, synchronized diving, and trap shooting.

And now, I'm over it.

I haven't hardly watched any since then. I am the only person in the world who is not interested in swimming as a sport. I get it. Michael Phelps is a GOD. We all know. What I don't get, is why women think he's hot. I don't understand it. He has monkey arms and a seven foot long torso. Sorry, nothing against Michael Phelps, he's just not my type, and I don't find competitive swimming exciting.

On the other hand, I do find sprinting exciting. We watched the finals late Saturday night to see Usain Bolt (of Jamaica if you've been living under a rock) break another world record...without even trying. He is incredible. Absolutely incredible. Watching the instant replay of the final race in slow motion, you can see that he started celebrating before the race was even over, he was that far ahead of everyone else. In the semi-final race, he jogged. He was looking around and the other guys, not focused at all and won it while making it look completely effortless. They interviewed Tyson Gay from the US a few minutes afterward and he was still dying. Normally when I'm watching stuff like that I'm always rooting for USA, but with this guy, there was no way anyone was going to beat him. I just watched it to see what he did. He ran 27mph. Josh pointed out that that's speeding in a school zone. Ha ha. I mean seriously. And what a fitting name. Bolt.

So that is my recap of the Beijing Olympics. That is probably all I'll be saying about it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update On Life

I think it's been a while since I've done an update about me. Well, I'm still 22, and will be for another six months. I'm still getting married, in exactly nine months from yesterday. Friday was William's 4th birthday and Dillian's was on July 16, he is 3 now. Their birthday party was yesterday at Chuckie Cheese, and they hate Chuckie. I had fun though. We're working on getting into our house (it's still not ours yet, but we're pretty sure it will be sometime in the future.) We sat down today and talked with Josh's mom about all we thought should be done before we buy it and made a deal with her so I think everything is going to work out nicely. I hope. We're still planning on his family moving out by the end of October. Before I move in I'm planning on getting all the painting done and the new carpet in. Then we'll move the furniture in, if it's new, if we can't afford it by then, we'll move the furniture up from downstairs. It's going to be ok though. Tomorrow is back to school for Fort Wayne Community Schools. I start back next Monday. I'm kind of excited about it, but not. I'm ready to graduate. It's time.

On a lighter note...Joshua and I went to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping and ended up just buying a hammer because the store was busier than on the day after Thanksgiving when T.V.'s are free. (Josh needed a hammer and we thought that side of the store would be safer - big mistake. That side of the store is where the school supplies are. While we were trying to get up to the checkout a lady came on the intercom and said "Code 99 in Stationary, Code 99 in Stationary" so me and Josh kinda made fun of her because she sounded like it was a big deal and we couldn't figure out what the big deal would be in stationary. So we got up to the school supplies and there was a big group crowded at the end of the aisle (think high school fight while everyone is in the hallway...if your school didn't have fights like ours, think of what they look like in movies, it's basically the same) and there was actually a fist fight in the school supplies aisle at Wal-Mart. Yes. Keepin' it classy at the Coldwater Road Wal-Mart. We were checking out and the cops showed up. Always something interesting at the Wal-Mart. Always.

I don't think I have anything else interesting to say. I'm sure I'll add it if I think of anything, this is my blog after all and I do tend to post as much as I want.

Book Club Update

I finished this book, Half-Assed, by Jeanette Fulda (in record time for a non-fiction) and it was awesome. I let Lisa borrow it, but when I get it back I'll probably re-read it. Even though I haven't lost nearly as much as this girl has, we've experienced similar feelings and self doubts. It is an awesome and extremely entertaining book. If you need to be convinced first, check out her blog, and make sure you look at her before pictures.

I FINALLY finished this book, Bitter Is The New Black, by Jen Lancaster, after reading it for over a year. It got pretty dang boring in the middle. I mean, how much can you read about one girl who is a total bitch? I got through it though and all in all, it was a pretty entertaining book. I need to get though book 2 (Bright Lights, Big Ass) so I can read her third memoir about weight loss. You can also check out her blog, Jennsylvania which is hilarious as well.

The other night I was up at Megan's work complaining how I hadn't read a good book in a while. She gave me three books to read and I think this is the best one she gave me. I finished it and immediately went out and bought the second one (ok, I waited until the next day, but that is fast for me). Sweet Talk, by Susan Mallery, is a darn good book. Here is the summary from Barnes&Noble.com:

"Don't ask Claire Keyes. The twenty-eight-year-old piano prodigy has never had a regular boyfriend, much less a real romance. Her music career has left little room for friends or family—which is just part of the reason she hasn't seen the family bakery or her two sisters in years.

But now Nicole is sick, and Jesse is AWOL. Despite the fact that Claire can't boil water, she's determined to play caretaker. Connecting with her sisters tops her to-do list…along with falling in love, or at least in lust, for the first time.

Ruggedly sexy Wyatt just might fit the bill. Although he keeps saying that he and Claire come from entirely different worlds, he lights up hotter than a bakery oven whenever Claire is near. If this keeps up, she just might sweet—talk him into her bed…and her life."

The second book in this series, Sweet Spot, seems to be pretty good so far. I'm not too far into it yet, (I've been pretty busy this weekend) but I'll probably be up late reading it. : ) You should check it out. This is what Barnes&Noble.com says about this book:

"If only her life was more sinful than sweet... "Responsibility" should be Nicole Keyes’s middle name. After all, not many people would sacrifice their lives to run the family bakery and raise a younger sibling. But with Nicole’s twin sister now blissfully married and her younger sis turning out more femme fatale than girl next door, superreliable Nicole is getting sick of putting everyone else’s needs first!

Enter Hawk. The deliciously sexy former NFL player offers Nicole a taste of the freedom she craves. Hawk may know the way, blindfolded, to her sweet spot, but Nicole’s not about to let him get close enough to break her heart. Of course, she might not have a choice in the matter if Hawk’s past keeps getting in the way of their present..."

This book isn't supposed to be released until September, but I just went on the website to get the summary and it looks like I can order it, and it isn't just a pre-order thing. I'll be getting this one too (I love my Barnes and Noble membership...). Sweet Trouble is the last book in this trilogy, and I actually haven't even read what its about yet. I can guess it's about the third sister, but other than that I have no idea. You should take that as my word that the other two are good. Ok? Ok. Here is the summary from Barnes & Noble:
"Jesse Keyes has done some serious growing up. With a steady job and a vibrant four-year-old son, Gabe, she's in a far better place than when she left Seattle five years ago…pregnant and misunderstood by almost everyone in her life.
Now it's time to go home and face her demons. But her sisters, Claire and Nicole, aren't exactly impressed with the new and improved Jesse. And then there's Matt, Gabe's father, who makes it clear that he never wants to see her again despite the lust that still smolders between them.
Jesse doesn't know if she can make up for all the mistakes of her past. But the promise of sweet nights with Matt might just give her the extra incentive she needs to make it worth the trouble.…"

Eh, I hope it's good...it's not something I'd probably pick up off the shelf and buy...we'll see, I'll still read it.

That's the latest edition of my book club. I'm open to suggestions. : )

Friday, August 15, 2008


From my new favorite website Dlisted.com. Every day they have a "Caption This" contest and people leave comments to caption the daily photo. This one was hilarious. Here are the captions:

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may motorboat the bride" - Molly Jones


The mullet of wedding dresses. Business on the bottom, Party on top. - Jennyann002

it was obvious to all the wedding guests what "something new" referred to...... - snowpiece

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This dress isn't nearly as ugly on as it is on the hanger at David's Bridal. I've seen it like four times and every time I've thought of a couch. I think it looks pretty cute on this girl though. If you like it, here it is.

Things I Love

Yesterday I was in such a hurry to get out the door that I forgot to put makeup on. Not a big deal. I only looked like I had been sleeping for 30 hours and woke up from the dead. So I had to stop at CVS on my way to work to at least pick up some mascara or people would have been asking me if I was sick all day long. Not a flattering question. Anyway, I got there and I swear by Maybelline Define-A-Lash lengthening mascara. Well it was buy one get one half off so I bought my normal tube and I bought the pink tube because it was so cute. The pink is volumizing and it is wonderful. I now swear by the pink tube and gave my mom my new green tube. Try it, it is the best mascara I think I've ever used.

New favorite:

Old favorite (and still an awesome mascara):

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To Veil, Or Not To Veil?

I can't decide if I want to wear a veil or not. I like the ones that just hang from under the updo, and I like all of these pictures, a lot. I decided to look up the history of veils to see if that helped me decide either way. It didn't. Basically all it said was it used to fight off evil spirits (I'm not worried about an abnormal amount of evil spirits on May 16, 2009, however, I do think all my family will be there...protection may be needed). Anyway, here are some pictures I like, these are all from The Knot:

Little Things Here And There

I ordered our cake napkins and matchbooks this morning. I wasn't going to get them but my mom decided that I wanted to buy them. Anyway, they will be similar to this:

Ok, so the napkins are red with silver lettering. There will be a large "T", A smaller "Joshua & Angela" and "May 16, 2009" under that. So basically it looks nothing like this picture.

The matches:

Basically look nothing like this either. The book will be red with silver lettering. They do say "The Perfect Match" but it is in a different font, under that it says "Joshua & Angela" and "May 16, 2009".

So yeah, those are my most recent purchases for wedding stuff. I'll post pictures when they come.

This Is Going To Be Boring For You.

I asked Josh if he wanted to go shopping for his wedding band this weekend. He said "maybe". So we probably won't. I want to get him a tungsten carbide ring. They are practically impossible to scratch and he can beat it up all he wants. I'm not exactly sure what he wants, but I like these:

They can all be found here, here, here, and here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I LOVE it.

Megan and I went to David's Bridal last night after work to order her dress and because I wanted to look at their less formal dresses for like our rehearsal and showers. I had seen this dress before, Bridget's maid of honor wore it in green, but I tried it on in purple. It's quite a splurge, but I have to buy it. This is my rehearsal dress. If you like it, I don't care if you buy it, just please don't wear it to my wedding rehearsal or dinner. I'd have to go bridezilla on you.

Yes, I am aware that in all pictures I put my hands on my hips. Sarah noticed it first. : )

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm Not Exactly Sure How To Put This Into Words.

When I first started losing weight I was so dang excited. I talked about it all. the. time. I was so proud of myself. Now, it's different, and I don't understand why. I almost feel depressed about it, which is so weird. I understand that I sound like a pathetic whiner who should be happy with what she has (because believe me, I have thought that about a lot of people too) but it doesn't solve everything like some people think it will. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere anymore. I'm much thinner than I used to be and I feel like people who weigh more than me don't really accept me anymore (people I work with, people I don't know very well, I'm not talking about people I'm close to) and that thin people seem to accept me more but I don't feel like one of them. I feel like I don't belong anywhere and I know I'm alienating myself, that no one is doing it to me. I feel uncomfortable talking to people now about how much I've lost (not people close to me, I mean like my co-workers and people who are not close friends or family) and feel weird when they tell me how good I look. Shouldn't I be happy about it? I wonder if this is normal. I talked to Megan last night about it and I felt a little better about it, but I can't get over it. I wonder if maybe I've lost too much weight. Not in an unhealthy way, but too much for me. I wonder if I'll even feel like myself on our wedding day, or if it will even feel like me in our pictures. I know I didn't lose it too fast, I can't imagine how I'd feel if I'd done some crash diet and lost it all in two months. I'm happy about the pace it came off, I just need to learn to accept me.

I know for certain that I'm not imagining this, but people are nicer to me now. I don't know why, and I certainly don't like it (not that I don't like the fact that people are nice to me, I just don't like it that they are nicer and friendlier than they were before). I asked Antoinette the other day on the treadmill if she felt the same way (because she used to be heavier and then went into competitive bodybuilding and now shes a marathon runner) and she completely understood what I was saying. She told me that we live in such an appearance dominated world that people are nicer to thinner people and think less of people who aren't as fit. It's pathetic. And what's even more pathetic is that it's true. That's why I don't feel like I'm myself. I put on a new pair of size 8 pants yesterday and I felt bad about myself.

I feel like my identity crisis is coming back, full swing.

What really surprises me is that I typed this whole post and no misspellings were found. That NEVER happens.

Monogram For Guest Book

This is the front of the guest book thing that Sarah made for me. I think its awesome. The only think I'd do different is to put our names on it somewhere and since it's for the rehearsal dinner, probably put that on there somewhere and May 15, 2009. I'm excited. : )

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please Vote.

I know that none of you comment on my posts (I'm ok with that) but please vote on these hair styles. I love them all, 1 and 2 are the ones I'm absoutely in love with. I don't know whether I should go with sleek or messy. What do you think?

Back In The Wedding Spirit.

I've made another decision! This is about our guest book.

This is what our wedding guest book will be similar to:

I am going to put one of our engagement photos inside. I'm planning on having this at our reception so that people don't get held up trying to get into the church.

I am going to have a guest book at our rehearsal dinner as well. Sarah made me an awesome cover for a guest book and I really wanted to use that idea as well. I think it will be great. We won't have a gigantic rehearsal dinner, but we will have somewhere around 50 people, I think its a good idea. I will post pictures later of what Sarah's masterpiece looks like. It looks something like this:

I love these two ideas. I think they would be cute ideas for a shower guestbook. Do they even do those? Anyway, I think these are cute:

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Want 'Em

If these were red and white I would buy them right now. I started looking for shoes for our wedding day and I know I want something flat, so I'll be able to stand all day. I don't care how cute heels are, I won't wear them all day under a 500lb dress. And chances are, no one will see them.

I Don't Want To Wait.

This weekend was Bridget and Ed's wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful. At the reception Josh and I were sitting at a table discussing our wedding. I've heard soooo many girls complain about how their guy doesn't care about getting married and won't have anything to do with planning. While we were talking Josh said something to the effect of that he can't wait until it's our wedding and it's all people we know. Which might have been because he didn't know anyone but I'd like to believe its because he's ready to get married and he's excited about it. : ) Take it how you want.

Here is us with the beautiful bride and groom. We had so much fun.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I thought I'd beaten my habit for good. Turns out, caffeine must be like alcohol. I'm re-hooked on coffee. I went and had a coffee with Maria on Thursday and then I craved one all day on Friday and then Saturday morning Josh made me some at his house and then I made it this morning. Thank goodness that this time I'm just regular coffee and not a 400 calorie Starbucks! Oh well. I'll be fine. : )

Friday, August 1, 2008

High School

I had to go back to my high school yesterday to get an official transcript to send to IPFW for my application. I figured no one would be there, but for some reason there were a lot of students. Going back there made me realize how far I've come since then. When I passed someone, I noticed no one would look up and smile, everyone seemed to be walking looking at the ground and quite a few of them looked pretty darn insecure. It was so weird to see the old me in those people and realize how much I've changed since then. I do believe I'm over (maybe not completely) being insecure and jealous of other people. The things that used to matter, and used to bother me, just don't matter anymore. And since I've realized that, I'm so much happier.


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