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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back In The Wedding Spirit.

I've made another decision! This is about our guest book.

This is what our wedding guest book will be similar to:

I am going to put one of our engagement photos inside. I'm planning on having this at our reception so that people don't get held up trying to get into the church.

I am going to have a guest book at our rehearsal dinner as well. Sarah made me an awesome cover for a guest book and I really wanted to use that idea as well. I think it will be great. We won't have a gigantic rehearsal dinner, but we will have somewhere around 50 people, I think its a good idea. I will post pictures later of what Sarah's masterpiece looks like. It looks something like this:

I love these two ideas. I think they would be cute ideas for a shower guestbook. Do they even do those? Anyway, I think these are cute:

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