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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Imagination Station

I saw this on GMA yesterday, and I was amazed. This link is to the lady's website.

I am not kidding you, go to this link, and watch this video. It is amazing.

Judy Fuller turned a water tower into a home. I can't get the video embedded on here so you'll have to use the link to the ABC News website to watch it. I promise I'm not leading you to a virus. The pictures on her website are too small to show up here. This is probably the coolest way of going green that I've ever seen. Completely amazing.

I've made small changes in my effort to go green. So I stopped buying bottles of water. I got a reusable bottle and I'm reusing. I am very interested in learning how to compost, I just haven't looked into it yet. I'll get around to it. :)


I decided I was going to start one of those 101 things to do in 1001 days things, but I am going to wait until after the wedding. So far, I've set two goals.
1. Drink a gallon of water every day until the wedding. By then, hopefully it will be a habit. I've checked it out, it's healthy. It sounds like a lot, but I honestly feel so much better when I'm getting enough water. My skin looks so much better, and I feel better.
2. Get all thank you notes out by June 16. I like to get thank yous out in a timely manner, so I'm giving myself a month to do it. I think that is realistic. I think I'll also give myself until June 16 to get all of our new stuff put away (that will be harder). :)


I don't really know when we ate this, but it sure looks good. I was going through my phone and deleting pictures because my card was full, and found this on there. I know that some time I ate this with Josh, but I don't remember when, or what it is. :)

Life Is Short

My mom's best friend died a few days ago. She battled cancer for 7 years, and her funeral was yesterday. She was such a wonderful person, and a strong fighter. Life really is short, and you should cherish who you have.

"My life is being given as an offering to God, and the time has come for me to leave this life. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:6-7


I babysat my brothers the other night, and while they drive me crazy, I love them. I was walking on the treadmill last night and there was a CSI type show on (I don't know which one it was, or even if it was CSI at all) about a mom who put her child up for adoption and then stole him back when he was between one and two years old and hid him so no one would be able to find him. I literally could not watch it because it was making me cry. While the lawyers and police were questioning her, they were asking her how the child felt being separated from the only parent he ever knew, and telling her she was so selfish. It was so awful because I cannot imagine how the boys would feel. The thought of them being that scared literally makes me cry. I cannot imagine how their lives would be if they did not have my parents. I hope they realize what great people my parents are when they get older.

Wedding Gifts!

My old boss brought in a gift for me from he and his wife. They are so sweet, and his wife is so good at personal touches. I thought this was great.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hi, My Name is Angi...

And I went to the store hungry again. I looooovveee pasta.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Mystery Solved!

Thanks to Sarah's mom, Becky! They are Narcissus.

These are not mine, I found this picture here . This is the sort of interesting stuff from the site:

"Other info. - This species is not nearly as common as its relative N. pseudonarcissus L., the Daffodil, but it is still fairly common and found in many areas throughout the state. The floral cup - corona - is much smaller than in N. pseudonarcissus and the perianth lobes are white instead of the typical yellow of N. pseudonarcissus."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Green Thumb

I can't actually take credit for any of these flowers, but I bought the house, so I will. They are my flowers now. Ha ha ha. It is another beautiful day in Fort Wayne. It actually got hot in the house today. I considered turning on the air, but decided against it because it would take a lot of work to close all the windows. I am currently reading up on gardening, because our lovely neighbor came over this morning to tell me that our yard looks like crap, and he wanted to mention it to us before he reported us to the neighborhood association. Lovely man.

I was actually planning on doing some landscaping before he even came over. And I do mean that. I went to Meijer this morning and looked at flowers, and I actually have planned out what I want to do in our front flower planter. Now I kind of feel like not doing a thing just to piss him off. But I'm better than that. I'm also better than that because I don't feel the need to try to intimidate 23 year old women. But I guess we're all different, aren't we?

If you know anything at all about gardening/landscaping I would love to hear your comments or tips. Right now I'm going to work on flowers, but I do want to start a garden as well. I may wait to do that until next year so that I have the time to devote to tending to it. I am really excited about growing our own food. A while ago I posted about how I was wondering why I wasn't interested in more things, I felt like I didn't have any hobbies or anything like that, but now that I've moved into our own house, I feel like I've really expanded my interest of cooking, and thats probably what I'm obsessed with now. :) I needed room to express myself. So please, share your ideas.

I had another flower photo shoot yesterday at the kitchen table. If you have any idea what these flowers are, please tell me. I thought all I had out there were daffodils, but I have no idea what these are. I mean it, tell me. You guys were the smart ones about the spoon with one hole.

I got this awesome vase for Christmas, I think. It's a Riedel vase like the one I got for my bridal shower. Go to their website and check out their decanters, they are pretty awesome.

Yummy Snack

Sarah made these for my bridal shower, and I loved them! I never had them before, or even heard of them for that matter, but now I crave them. Go figure. I crave everything. Basically if it's food, and I can eat it, I crave it. I eat constantly. I mean it. Anyway, they are called Snake Eyes, but Sarah was calling them Green Eyes, so I'm going to call them that, it's easier to remember :). All you need is:

1) Cream Chesse
2) Sliced Ham
3) Pickle Spears

Thats it.

It's easier if you get the whipped cream cheese, it spreads MUCH easier. I bought a brick of the Great Value fat free, and that stuff is not meant to spread. Honest. You have to get thicker slices of ham, not the deli shaved kind. Anyway, spread the cream cheese onto the ham and then roll the pickle up inside of it. Thats it. It's so easy. I stacked them on a plate and put them in the freezer for about an hour. Sarah told me that trick, it makes them easier to cut. So I cut them, and ate them all. Just kidding, there are a few left. Honestly though, they are pretty healthy...

All rolled up.

Cut with my handy dandy Kitchen Aid Santoku Knife

Ready to eat. Soooo easy.

Also, I have a new favorite wine. I went out to lunch with some of my old work friends the other day, and in their gift they gave me (everyone keeps throwing gifts at me, it's hard to get used to) they put a bottle of Oliver Soft Red Wine, and I LOVE it. It is so good. It's from the Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana (if you're not from Indiana, it's where IU is, about three hours from here). I'm not sure if they sell it in stores out of state like they do here, but if they do, you should try it. I really really like it. :) This isn't my picture, I had to find it online. I got to try out all of my new wine gadgets last night though, and they are awesome. I was pretty tired last night, so it didn't even cross my mind to take pictures of the stuff. I'm sure I'll have another opportunity. I got all kinds of Metrokane "Houdini" products from my last shower. If you are a wine drinker, and don't know about this stuff, check out that website, they have the coolest stuff. I mean it. If you want to buy any of it though, go to Kohls, they have most of it, and it's always on sale.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mystery Solved

In case you don't read my comments, my friend Allison solved the mystery of the spoon with the hole:

This style of stirring stick originated from Holland in the 1800?s. It is a perfect spoon.
The flat edge glides across the bottom of the pot while the pointed edge gets into the corners. The hole aerates as it mixes. An absolute must for your wooden spoon collection"

Very interesting. I didn't even know what I was missing out on. Thank goodness I have one now. My soups will never be the same. :)

Goodbye Pathetic Paring Knives!

Hello new knives!! Woo hoo! I can really cut stuff now. Haha. I got these at my shower last weekend, and I have been in desperate need of them. I am so happy. Now I have to go buy food to cut.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Is The Purpose?

Megan, do you remember? Anyone? What is this for, and why is there a hole in the center?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Babies

I went out and spent some time with the dogs on Saturday morning before my shower. We basically talked about how good they are, and how I'm going to be their new mom. They seem excited about it.

These pictures of Duckie completely show what kind of dog she is. I have to sit at the edge of her chain so she can reach me. She is so excited all the time that she won't sit down and isn't happy unless you're petting her. If you start petting another one of the dogs she will bark incessantly. It is so annoying.

This is Amico. He looks like those one pictures called "The Dog" where they have huge heads and noses, and tiny little bodies.

He was nice enough to share his roof with me.

This is my walking buddy Trajan. He is so sweet. They all are though.

When I started petting Trajan, Amico grabbed his food bucket and walked around with it in his mouth for about five minutes. I'm not sure why, but Duckie even stopped barking to watch him.

You Are Allowed to Have Your Own Opinions...

As long as they're right....

This is stupid. If you haven't heard, Miss California says she lost the crown because of the way she answered this question. Whether that is the reason or not, it's still dumb. Perez Hilton isn't even funny.

I Know Some Wonderful People

I had my family wedding shower this weekend, and it was wonderful. I had such a great time. Our moms really did a good job. It has been pretty cold here the past few days, and I was afraid my sad daffodils were going to get even sadder, so I went and cut them, and put them in my new Riddel vase that my aunt got for me. I posted earlier that I just discovered that I can take black and white photos with my phone, which I still think is amazing. My phone takes better pictures than my camera.

Here are the smaller daffodils.

My flowers in my new vase that I absolutely love.

My friend Krystal made this for me. It is so cute. It is two bathroom towels, wooden utensils, a feather duster, and it says "bride" down at the bottom. I thought it was such a cute idea.

These are the centerpieces from the shower. I asked my mom if I could have them. She had rocks mixed with the coffee beans. I re-did them. I took out the rocks and used all coffee beans. It really looks good in my office with the colors of the walls. I thought it was a really cute idea, and she got all the stuff for super cheap at Hobby Lobby.

Here is a better picture of the vase.

My flowers in black and white.

My flowers in color. Why does black and white make everything look so much better?

Either This is Really Cool...

or the Benadryl is really working. I just found out that I can take black and white pictures with my phone. I got this awesome vase at my shower this weekend, and I went out and cut some of my daffodils to put in it. I accidentally pushed the wrong button and found out that I can do black and white. I took a ton of pictures to post, but I'm going to do it later. Check out this picture though, I love it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wedding Music

I met with the organist today, and picked out our ceremony songs. I'm not going to lie, hearing the songs played on the pipe organ, in the church, made me tear up a little bit...music sounds so much better in old churches. Here is what we picked, nothing new:

Bridesmaids: Canon in D - Pachelbel

Me: Trumpet Voluntary - Clark

Us & Wedding Party Recessional: Wedding March - Mendelssohn

I am so ready for our wedding.

My Last Name

I'm only going to be Angi H. for about another month...longer than that technically, but in a month I'll be Angi T. On the Knot a girl posted about how she was a bit sad because she is the last child with her last name and she has no brothers, so she's upset that she isn't carrying it on. I never thought of that. I guess more people than I realized drop their middle name and make it their maiden name (think Hillary Rodham Clinton). I don't plan on doing that, but I have a feeling I would feel differently about it if I didn't have my two brothers now. I feel better knowing that now my dad's name will be carried on, no matter how old fashioned that is. Getting closer to the wedding is making me think about things that never would have occurred to me before, I wonder how my dad feels about it. What do you all think about it?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ever heard of it? It's the topic of discussion on GMA this morning. In case you haven't heard of it, it's when an indecent photo is circulated through text messaging. GMA is calling it an "epidemic". The definition of epidemic is: a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time. Here is the story about the mother who is fighting this. How is this stopped? Technology is a whole new world for parents and children. What do you think about this?

This is not a "sexting" photo. This is a girl who committed suicide after her ex-boyfriend circulated a nude photo of her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cute Idea

I have been on the Knot trying to find the bio that I found this link in, and haven't been able to get it. I was looking around on there yesterday and found someones bio with this cool link in it. This site, CocoMyles.com allows you to go on and design your own dress. The girl I found this from made cards to ask her girls to be bridesmaids and had a picture of the cover of the 27 Dresses movie with the girls head on it, and asked them to be bridesmaids and then to go to this site and pick their own dress. It was cute because she said "I promise I won't make you try on 27 dresses" or something to that effect.

So I spent some time designing my own dresses, because honestly, its kind of fun. I made four dresses, and I will post them, but I think this is pretty important...I was having a good time making them and then thought, "there has to be something hidden...I bet this is like IKEA and it's going to cost a million dollars to get this to me." So I put a dress together that was $128.00 and went through the checkout process and everything just short of actually buying it, and if I pick UPS Ground for shipping, which would take about a week and a half to get to me, shipping is free. FREE. They were going to put $128 on my Visa. That's it. I couldn't believe it. I pick out my own dress, color, style, and get it all in a week? Holy cow. So check out the dresses I made. The price is at the bottom of the dress on the price tag. What I really like, is that you get to pick the top and bottom, but its all one piece. I like the option of picking both, but I don't like two piece formal wear, it feels too much like everyday wear to me. The only thing I don't like, is that you don't get to try it on first...and I didn't check out their return policy.

This one and the second one are on the Custom Couture link, or when you first get to the page click on "Start Your Own Design"

This is from the "Celebrity Inspired" link. They have dresses that are like those worn by celebrities on the red carpet and you can make them your own.

This is also a "Celebrity Inspired" one, and I thought it was adorable. I really like this one.

Monday, April 13, 2009


When I made the Chocolate Pie I had to wait for it to cool before I could do the pudding, so I decided to unpack some more of my shower gifts.

This is my awesome handmixer and blender. They are so nice.

This is my mini food processor. I like that its small and not so bulky, I can fit it into the cabinet :)

This toaster is gigantic. I couldn't believe how big it was when I got it out. I know we registered for it, but it really didn't look that big at Target!
I love all of my stuff, everyone is so great to me.


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