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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bridal Shower

I haven't posted about my bridal shower yet, because I was so sick from Sunday until yesterday that I didn't do a thing...and then when I did start doing stuff again, the house needed cleaned desperately. I'm sure Josh would have cleaned up some, but he was so busy taking care of me that he didn't have time either. :)

My first bridal shower was last Saturday, and it was wonderful. I had a great time, and got so many amazing gifts. I didn't get very many pictures, except for before the shower, because Megan's mom told me I wasn't allowed to help, so I took pictures...of food. :) Sarah was here for the end of last week, and it was so much fun. I finished the guest room so that she would have a place to sleep (besides our couch, I didn't want her and Josh to fight for it :) He sleeps on the couch because he likes it, I swear). I will post pictures of the guest room later. Sarah had to make her desserts at my house, because they wouldn't have survived the drive down here, and she couldn't have made them too far in advance, so I made her let me help...well I just basically took over. :) I just love using my stand mixer so much that I was too excited when I realized I could use it for all of her recipes! It was really fun. Here are some pictures:

This is Elyse, my friend Antoinette's daughter. She is so adorable.

This is me with my mom, and Nanny.

Me, with the wonderful hostesses, and maids of honor. :) Love them.

Me and Sarah.

My Nanny as a Toilet Paper Bride

The food! I love food. :) It was all wonderful. On the far left at the top are chicken salad croissant sandwiches. The bottom left is fruit salsa with homemade tortilla chips. Top right is pizza rolls, which were so good. Far far right is a veggie tray, and the bottom right is a grape salad. All of the food was amazing. I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds. :) Everyone did a great job.

I love flowers. This was on the gift table. I was really bored.

These are the chocolate covered strawberries that Megan made. They were fantastic, and I had them for dinner that night, and breakfast the next morning. :) They're healthy, they are fruit. I didn't realize that this picture was blurry when I took it, dang camera.

This is one of the desserts that I helped Sarah make. It was soooo good. It is on the front cover of the Kraft Food and Family magazine this month. I will put the recipe in a different post.

This is the cheesecake dessert with the Heath Chocolate Pudding (I'm not sure if that is the name or not...that's what I'm calling it.) It was so good.

I love this wrapping paper! Inside is my handmixer and food processor! :)

These are my cupcakes that Megan's sister Melissa decorated for me. They look great! Josh ate every single one that I brought home.

Table decorations.

I registered for this at Target, I fell in love with it the instant I saw it, I almost bought it then. These are the flowers we're using in the wedding, and I'm so excited to have this that I don't know where I want to put it. It will probably end up being a rotating cup of peonies!

I love avocados, but can't ever slice them. I am so excited that I got this, it is going to be great.

My wonderful cup of coffee :). I love these mugs, and we were two short of a set, so now we're complete! These are great because they hold a ton of coffee...and I suppose I could use them for soup too!

Sarah hand made me these Thank You cards. They are so amazing that I want to keep them. I love the color! :) She is so creative.

This is my peony wreath from my mother and Nanny. I love it. I have it hanging on my office door. I don't want to put it outside because it will get ruined, and I could put it in the breezeway, but I want to see it, so for now, until I think of something better, it's an inside wreath. :)
I haven't opened much yet, and it's mostly all still sitting behind the couch, because I haven't been well enough to get around. We (read: I) did use the blender though, but I couldn't take a picture of it because it's been constantly dirty since I opened it, because we've been drinking smoothies like crazy. So thank you, Lisa, for the blender, but all these smoothies are not going to help me fit into my wedding dress! :)

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I really am very thankful.

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