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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Know Some Wonderful People

I had my family wedding shower this weekend, and it was wonderful. I had such a great time. Our moms really did a good job. It has been pretty cold here the past few days, and I was afraid my sad daffodils were going to get even sadder, so I went and cut them, and put them in my new Riddel vase that my aunt got for me. I posted earlier that I just discovered that I can take black and white photos with my phone, which I still think is amazing. My phone takes better pictures than my camera.

Here are the smaller daffodils.

My flowers in my new vase that I absolutely love.

My friend Krystal made this for me. It is so cute. It is two bathroom towels, wooden utensils, a feather duster, and it says "bride" down at the bottom. I thought it was such a cute idea.

These are the centerpieces from the shower. I asked my mom if I could have them. She had rocks mixed with the coffee beans. I re-did them. I took out the rocks and used all coffee beans. It really looks good in my office with the colors of the walls. I thought it was a really cute idea, and she got all the stuff for super cheap at Hobby Lobby.

Here is a better picture of the vase.

My flowers in black and white.

My flowers in color. Why does black and white make everything look so much better?

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