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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Babies

I went out and spent some time with the dogs on Saturday morning before my shower. We basically talked about how good they are, and how I'm going to be their new mom. They seem excited about it.

These pictures of Duckie completely show what kind of dog she is. I have to sit at the edge of her chain so she can reach me. She is so excited all the time that she won't sit down and isn't happy unless you're petting her. If you start petting another one of the dogs she will bark incessantly. It is so annoying.

This is Amico. He looks like those one pictures called "The Dog" where they have huge heads and noses, and tiny little bodies.

He was nice enough to share his roof with me.

This is my walking buddy Trajan. He is so sweet. They all are though.

When I started petting Trajan, Amico grabbed his food bucket and walked around with it in his mouth for about five minutes. I'm not sure why, but Duckie even stopped barking to watch him.

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