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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update On Life

I think it's been a while since I've done an update about me. Well, I'm still 22, and will be for another six months. I'm still getting married, in exactly nine months from yesterday. Friday was William's 4th birthday and Dillian's was on July 16, he is 3 now. Their birthday party was yesterday at Chuckie Cheese, and they hate Chuckie. I had fun though. We're working on getting into our house (it's still not ours yet, but we're pretty sure it will be sometime in the future.) We sat down today and talked with Josh's mom about all we thought should be done before we buy it and made a deal with her so I think everything is going to work out nicely. I hope. We're still planning on his family moving out by the end of October. Before I move in I'm planning on getting all the painting done and the new carpet in. Then we'll move the furniture in, if it's new, if we can't afford it by then, we'll move the furniture up from downstairs. It's going to be ok though. Tomorrow is back to school for Fort Wayne Community Schools. I start back next Monday. I'm kind of excited about it, but not. I'm ready to graduate. It's time.

On a lighter note...Joshua and I went to Wal-Mart to do our grocery shopping and ended up just buying a hammer because the store was busier than on the day after Thanksgiving when T.V.'s are free. (Josh needed a hammer and we thought that side of the store would be safer - big mistake. That side of the store is where the school supplies are. While we were trying to get up to the checkout a lady came on the intercom and said "Code 99 in Stationary, Code 99 in Stationary" so me and Josh kinda made fun of her because she sounded like it was a big deal and we couldn't figure out what the big deal would be in stationary. So we got up to the school supplies and there was a big group crowded at the end of the aisle (think high school fight while everyone is in the hallway...if your school didn't have fights like ours, think of what they look like in movies, it's basically the same) and there was actually a fist fight in the school supplies aisle at Wal-Mart. Yes. Keepin' it classy at the Coldwater Road Wal-Mart. We were checking out and the cops showed up. Always something interesting at the Wal-Mart. Always.

I don't think I have anything else interesting to say. I'm sure I'll add it if I think of anything, this is my blog after all and I do tend to post as much as I want.

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