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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Can't Read.

I just cannot read any more about early civilizations. My eyes are crossing at the words about Mesopotamian culture. So it's time for a study break. I've been off today, I wasn't able to concentrate much in class this morning either. I don't know why.

I talked to our mortgage guy earlier today and he told me that our combined credit score went up, so we will be able to get a much better rate on our loan! Yay! That is awesome news. Rates are really low right now, which is awesome as well. I have to get a few things together and then he'll send it all to the underwriter and get us on our way to being homeowners. I was somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing for a while, but now I'm really excited and ready to get moving. I think it's because we have furniture now to move in. : ) Speaking of, here is my furniture, do you like?

Ha ha, we bought the furniture that is in my previous post, and this is it sitting in my garage. I hate looking at it every time I go home, I just want to get it out of the boxes and put it in our living room! I really feel like an adult now that I own a couch. I've never owned a couch before.

I got my acceptance letter last night from IPFW, which is nice because now I know for sure I'll still be in school in January. I'm excited to get started on finishing my college career. : )

I'm taking a class right now about grief and it's really making me think. The professor gives us a question each week that we are supposed to think about and then write our thoughts in a journal. I kind of already do that here, but I have to do it in a journal for class. This weeks question was, if you found out you only had a short time left to live, what unfinished business would you take care of before you died? What would you do?

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