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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yes. I am. My 2009 IKEA catalog came in a few days ago and I've already book marked everything I want with post-it notes. One thing I'm really excited about is that I'm going to turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into an office for me (Josh already has his office set up downstairs and he likes it there). So the other bedroom upstairs will be a guest room and then there is still another guest room in the basement. Anyway, back to my office, I found this desk in the IKEA catalog that I have to have. It is $169.00 which I don't think is that bad, I think it looks like a really nice desk. I can only find a picture of it together in the catalog, and only in pieces on the website, so here is the desk in separate pieces.

This is the correct top, but the wrong legs.

This is the table top to the desk.

These are the legs for each side.

The table will be white, which means I can be creative with how I paint the room. :) I'm so excited about it. If you like the desk, click here, here, and here.

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