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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Kooky Friend

I have been trying to get though this months Glamour magazine for a few weeks now. I have been carrying it around in my purse since I got it thinking that I'll read it when I get bored. I'm not exactly sure what it is that I do when I get bored, but its not read this magazine. So at work everyone leaves at 5:00, but I have to stay until 5:30 (don't ask, it's one of many unfair things if you ask me) but I usually don't do much during that half hour. I started reading the magazine and I have developed yet another complex. They did an article titled "7 Friends Every Woman Needs" and they have a writer or some famous person write a little story about their friend.
Here are the 7 friends you need:
1. The Kooky Friend
2. The New Friend
3. The Friend You'll Keep For Life
4. The Couple Friends
5. The 9-To-5 Friend
6. The Friends Who Show Up
7. The Friend Who's Been There

I would like to think that I would fit into a few different categories for all the different friends I have, but I'm beginning to worry that for most of my friends, I'm their "kooky" friend.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Sometimes I think that Elizabeth's myriad terrors make the world a difficult place to live in..but then, I think, her world must be a more interesting place than the one most of us inhabit. After all, if you see every meal as a potential case of botulism, every hot tub as a roiling cesspool of infection and every rash as the harbinger of Dengue fever, imagine the sweet relief when the food's OK, the hot tub's clean and the rash is just a rash.
Besides, who wants normal friends? Normal friends do not have hilarious stories about the time they saw a mouse in their kitchen and barricaded themselves and their kids in the bedroom, and made their husband come home from work to kill it. Normal friends cannot fill you in on the five life-threatening strains of bacteria currently hiding in your chicken salad, or tell you why it's not fair to say they're afraid of flying, because really that fear is just an extension of the fear for tight, enclosed spaces."

So as I read through the article this is the closest that I thought matched me. I am really surprised that I was able to look at myself from the outside long enough to think that this is me. Like the time I had my first actual panic attack because my power locks wouldn't work and I thought I was trapped in my car forever. Or the time I diagnosed myself with clinical depression because I had all the symptoms, some of which are fatigue, upset stomach, loss of interest, and then found out that I had the flu. Or how every single time I hear about a psychological disorder I've never heard of before I think I have it, and I have to ask Megan to psycho-analyze me. Or yesterday when I put my coat on over my purse and then completely forgot about it and kept walking around that way (I have a BIG purse). When I'm walking downtown I am terrified to walk on the grates in the sidewalk because I think I'll fall through, and I absolutely can't stand to be in the courthouse during a thunderstorm because I'm convinced that the power will go out and a prisoner in trial will get lose and run. Yeah. I think I'm definitely the kooky friend. I don't know if I like that.

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  1. You're hilarious.. plain and simple. So be you and don't worry if you think you're the kooky friend. We like you for you, not for who you could be. =]



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