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Thursday, November 13, 2008


My mom brought my camera cord over last night so here you go!

My office


I think you really have to see this room in person to appreciate the difference in it. It is hard to tell from the before pictures, but the light blue paint on the top half of the room is on top of wallpaper. I had to take all that wallpaper down, scrub and scrub the walls, put primer up and then paint. Granted, I didn't work on it around the clock, it took me two weeks to get this room done. I think the colors in the after pictures are a little off. I don't have names for the colors because I had them matched from an advertisement I got in the mail. Maybe it's just my computer that makes it look a little weird. The top color though is more tan/green than the gray I think it looks like on here. I love this room. I didn't like it when I first started painting it. I thought the bottom color was awful, but I love how it looks now. I can't wait to get my desk in there and get unpacked.

Our bedroom:

This color is Dutch Boy "Cozy Neutral". I didn't take any before pictures of this room because 1) it was just plain white, and 2) I didn't think about it. We definitely need to get a new comforter. What I am planning on doing though is moving this bed into the guest room once we get a queen sized bed frame. Josh already has a queen mattress, we just don't have anything to put it in. We'll probably stick with the blue set for now. I think I'll probably paint the guest room to where it matches.

My next project is the living room and dining room. They are kind of one big room so I'll do them all at once. I'll post pictures of that as soon as I do it!

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