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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yesterday Was Great.

Josh and I went out of town for the day and we had a great time. We went to Petersburg, Kentucky to The Creation Museum. Basically the museum shows all aspects and perspectives of how we were created, but the bible is their view of how it happened. What I liked is that they compared the theories, and made it understandable. It's only a three hour drive from Fort Wayne, I suggest seeing it. If you are interested, click here. Here are a few pictures from when we first got there. I didn't take any after we got in the actual museum part, I was too busy reading.

Here is the 5,000th picture of us that looks exactly like this. We should start asking people to take our picture for us.

They had lots of dinosaurs in the museum, it was a very kid friendly place.

They also had a turtle and fish exhibit at the very beginning of the museum, it was cool.

More giant dinosaurs.

So that is that part of our day. It was a really cool place to go. Check it out.

It only seems fitting that after we spend the day walking through the Creation Museum, we would see this on our way home:

Both of us have heard about this large statue of Jesus before, but we had no idea we were going to pass it last night. There is a radio talk show that comes on here, I know that it is syndicated, but I don't know if everyone gets it or what, but it's the Bob & Tom show. They have a comedian who comes on often and sings songs. His name is Heywood Banks, and this song is called "Big Butter Jesus". Listen to it, it's really funny. I'm using this video instead of the concert version because you can actually see pictures of the statue. This one might take a minute to load.

This video doesn't have anything to do with the one above, but it's hilarious too. Check it out, but don't have your volume too loud, the chorus is much louder than the rest of the song. This is: Yeah, Toast. Also, by Heywood Banks. The drum you hear him playing is actually a toaster that he is beating on with forks. I think its hilarious.

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