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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Old House

Since I don't have the wedding to be obsessed with anymore, I've transitioned into being obsessed with our house. I actually enjoy looking at home magazines, and had fun at Menard's the other day. Literally enjoyed myself. While we were at Menard's (looking for a hammock) we ended up looking at the light fixtures because we plan on replacing the one in our dining room. Then somehow we ended up in the bathroom section and discussed what our ideas are for the bathroom. Luckily, we have similar ideas. We hadn't even discussed the bathroom before Saturday, but I'm very excited about eventually re-doing it.

Joshua wants one that has some counter space like this one. He wants it to be off set like this one. The mirror on this one slides back and forth, so if you're using the sink and want to look at yourself you can slide it over. I don't like that you basically can't store anything in it because it doesn't close. I think this set is too dark. I don't know for sure what I exactly want, but I'll know it when I see it.

I would prefer no vanity at all, but will compromise. We have a very large linen closet that is big enough to hold all of our things. Joshua wants the space on the side of the sink for when he's shaving or something. This one though is so small that it would only hold the pipes, and nothing else. We would have some other options if the pipes were in the wall, but they aren't, so we don't. I don't feel like moving them.
This one would hold the pipes nicely, and we could put something on the self underneath. I like the simplicity of not having a big bulky vanity. We would have to find some sort of lighting option to put in. The light fixture in the bathroom now matches the whole ugly set, so it's gotta go too. I don't think this one has enough side space for Josh.

I want a frosted vessel like this one.

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