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Monday, June 22, 2009

Holy Cornmuffins!

If you think you like cornbread, you're wrong. You have no idea until you try this. It is Megan's secret family recipe. This is the first time I made in it muffin form. I typically bake it in a pie pan, but since we were having so many people over I decided to go the muffin route so the kitchen didn't get backed up with slow cornbread cutters. I made regular size muffins and mini. I think more people ate the mini, because almost all of the regular sized were left.

This is actually a very easy recipe to make. You've heard of Jiffy right? If you've eaten cornbread I know you have. All you do is take a box of Jiffy corn bread/muffin mix and prepare it like the box tells you. Then, in a separate bowl, you make a box of Jiffy White Cake just like the box tells you. Then, mix them together and bake. When I made a cornbread pie type thing it usually takes longer than the box says, but making the muffins they took 20 minutes. The oven temperatures are different for the cornbread and the cake, I think they're 450° and 400°, so I set the oven at 425° and they came out great. You should try it, everyone will love it.

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