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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being Married

I haven't written a substantial post in a while, so I figured I'm probably due. I started making a list of all of my goals last night. I got a pretty good list going, and decided to count them because I figured I had to at least be half way there....I have 28. I still have a long way to go. I really would appreciate any input or ideas you have. You can comment here or on my goal blog. While I'm on the subject of new blogs, thats how easy it is to start one. I just made it yesterday morning in about fifteen minutes. (This is a message to Megan for a cooking blog, and to Sarah for a crafting blog). Once you start your blog, you can google "The Cutest Blog On The Block" to get cute backgrounds. They have the cutest I've seen so far. You can see examples of two of their backgrounds on my blogs. None of this has anything to do with being married. I did realize however, if I had started a goal list before the wedding I would have had a lot more to put on it, and I would probably have a lot checked off already. Oh well, it's not supposed to be easy.

I promised myself I wouldn't be one of those people who counts every single day that we've been married, but I'm doing it, with the help of the Knot. When I log in it tells me how long we've been married, so I can't help but know. Anyway, I would say that getting married is probably the best things I've ever done. Even though it's only been three and a half weeks (I know, I know), I really think that getting married made us both realize that this is really forever, and that we can relax now. If you thought we were laid back before, you wouldn't believe us now. The other day I went to the Y to walk outside with Megan, and realized that when I stopped complaining about the most recent thing that didn't deserve my attention, I didn't really have anything else to talk about....and I wasn't upset. I like not having anything going on. I like not hearing "are you getting nervous??" and "do you have everything ready for the wedding" and "ooohhhh your wedding is coming up fast!". I know I responded nicely to everyone who asked me those questions, but I'd like to respond to their questions again, here in my own space.

Q: Are you getting nervous?
A: Yes, so nervous that I'm thinking about backing out. Why would I be getting nervous? I'm marrying the man I've been dating for six years. SIX YEARS. I'm so nervous I can't stand it.

Q: Do you have everything ready for the wedding?
A: No. Are you going to help me finish it? I guess what isn't done isn't going to happen, huh?

Statement: Your wedding is coming up fast!
Response: Thank you for the countdown, I didn't realize that the day I have been planning for a year and a half crept up on me so quickly. What would I do without you, and the twenty other people telling me how many days I have left to go?

I figured if I had responded in that fashion, I would have had a considerably lower guest attendance count. But none of this has anything to do with being married, it all has to do with getting married. I guess it does have to do with being married, because now I'm much happier not hearing these questions/statements. I'm not a total idiot, I know that is how people converse with you, the pick something they know is going on in your life to have a conversation. Now I'm going to trick everyone and have nothing going on in my life so that no one has anything to talk to me about. And I'm not saying I didn't appreciate the caring and concern behind these questions, it is just that you can only hear it so many times. You guys understand. I guess this isn't a post about being married at all.

I started my goals list, and I'm having a hard time coming up with goals to put in the "husband" section. The two inspiration lists I read had stuff like "surprise him", "make his favorite meal and dessert", "workout with him", "join the Y with him"....but these are things I already do on a regular basis. Does anyone have any suggestions for husband goals? I'm not asking him because I know he'll come up with some that I wouldn't put into print. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

I hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. I'm trying out the whole blog thing.... I don't promise much. :)

  2. http://scrappinlovebug.blogspot.com/

    This is my blog site :)



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