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Monday, June 8, 2009


Looking at my pictures makes it obvious that our photographer really liked our centerpieces! Which is awesome, but I really liked them too. Here are some photos of them. A little background: originally I wanted to have the big trees on half the tables and then Ceruti's also had smaller trees that looked just like the big ones that were supposed to be on the other half of the tables. Well, I got the bill and decided that no amount of crystal trees in the world were worth that much money, so I decided on small trees for half the tables and floating roses or candles for the other half. Three or four days before the wedding the decorator at Ceruti's called me to tell me that the small trees are on back order until the end of June, so I was getting the big trees at the price of the small trees, and that she was adding a third centerpiece. I wasn't really upset because I ended up with the big trees that I really wanted and everything looked wonderful. I do think that some of the drama of the room may have been lost if we only had the small trees, but I wouldn't have ever been able to allow myself to pay that much for them. Everything worked out perfectly though!

We placed a tree in the lobby to mimic the presence of an ice sculpture. It went over very well.

Centerpiece #2

Centerpiece #3

Our head table. We sat at a round table with our immediate family. Our bridal party sat with their dates. I think we effectively kept it laid back and not too formal. We didn't want to have a super stuffy reception, and had to balance the formality of the hall with that.

I had bridal portraits taken. I've heard almost everyone on the Knot say that its super attention whorish to take bridal portraits, but I don't really care. It is a tradition in my family, and while I don't really care to have a picture for myself, it was important to my mother that I have them taken. This was in the lobby.

All photos: Photo Escapes Photography

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