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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kitchen Diva

It's one thing to be crafty in the kitchen because you want to, and a completely different thing if you have to. Since we bought our house in November, we've been really really good about keeping the house stocked, I mean stocked. We would always have something on hand to eat. A week or two before the wedding we stopped grocery shopping because we didn't want our food to go to waste, so we ran out, and it would seem that we never restocked. At least, we didn't restock very well. I posted the recipe the other night about the pasta I made, from what I had on hand. For lunch the other day I was starving to death, and had to whip up something from what I had. I decided I wanted to make tuna patties like we used to eat when we first started dating. Joshua was training for a competition once, and I decided to diet with him. That was when I wasn't serious about losing weight, or sticking to any kind of diet. I was serious about losing weight, but not for the right reasons. I wanted to lose it fast. So anyway, I went to make the tuna patties. I have no idea what the recipe was that we used, but I knew it had pancake mix, tuna, and maybe an egg. Not positive about the egg. I didn't want to use the pancake mix, but then realized we had this Fiber One mix and went ahead and used a small amount. Here are my ingredients, minus the egg.

The Fiber One Pancake Mix is awesome. I use it to make waffles. It tastes like normal pancake mix, and it's good for you. The other ingredients are tuna, black peppercorns, garlic powder, and Fines Herbs. I've never heard of fines herbs before, and really only bought them because World Market was going out of business. They are good on eggs and fish though, so I figured I didn't have anything to lose. (Not pictured: two whole eggs)
I have a problem. There is something wrong with me where I suck at cracking eggs. I meant to use one whole egg and one white in this recipe, but dropped the second yolk and went ahead and used it. Oh well. I just poured in a little pancake mix. Probably a tablespoon or two. This looks disgusting.
My patties on the griddle. These look disgusting too. They remind me of presents my childhood pet would leave in the hallway. He had health problems.
Flipped. They look much better, and much like pancakes.
I had two for lunch since I didn't have any sides. I didn't use buns, just melted some cheese on top.
Add some low fat mayo, and call it a party. I love these things, and they're so easy you can make them with what you have on hand.

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