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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yankee Candle Deals

I was looking on the Coupon Codes Board this morning and found this.

This is the actual coupon, but if you want the printable version, click here.

If you want to use the coupon online, use code: NG28WYS.

And this is what I got...

The little jars came as a three pack, but I didn't like the third one, but Nan did, so I gave it to her. They are normally $9 per small jar, but the pack of three was $10. It's a steal.

I was convinced by the sales clerk (who swore to me that she doesn't work on commission) that I needed a candle lid to prolong and even double the life of my candle. Do you use these? Is this the truth?


  1. i have one, but I burn candles so much idk if it works lol but it does make a neat shadow on the ceiling

  2. So I am at home for jury (yuck and long story) and my mom said the candle "cover" does work!!! Will have to take you to Swan Creek when you are here for the wedding again.... or the shower... or both :)

  3. I'm not incredibly impressed with the cover. I'm really just not impressed with the Yankee Candles. Swan Creek is way way better. I can't wait to go back :)



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