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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Just Have To Say

Ellen totally rocks. I love her show.

A few weeks ago she talked about ChaCha, a service where you can text a question and they'll text you back with an answer. Joshua's cousin used it on New Year's Eve when we were having an argument about something (I don't even remember what it was now). But it gives accurate answers. It's pretty convenient. You should check it out.

It is free, but regular text message fees apply. This means if you have a plan with unlimited texts, it shouldn't charge you. There is a limit on how many questions you can ask, and Carsyn told me how it works, but I forgot. I do know that the site will let you know if you're coming up on your limit.

Another super cool texting thing is Twitter. I know, you're tired of me talking about it. But I figured out that I can text updates from my phone just like I'm texting a friend. It doesn't cost anything if you have an unlimited texting plan, and there is no limit. That is how I update it all the time. Its pretty darn cool.

And that is the reason why you should start your own Twitter and we can follow each other and be bestest friends forever.


  1. haha, I have to laugh that you got twitter :) I don't think I am ready to jump on that yet but maybe soon.... Might try the texting questions, let me know if you get a charge. Miss chatting! (work all week finally, up at 4:30 tomorrow)

  2. Twitter is actually more fun than I thought it would be. You might like it :)

    I just used ChaCha...check out my next post!



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