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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bite My Tongue

I should have NEVER said that it was NOT a snow day. It wasn't one this morning when I wrote that...but then I went to the license branch to change the registration on the truck and it instantly became winter! I wanted to be nice when I got home and shoveled the driveway for Josh. It was my first and last time shoveling in this house. Most of you have never seen our driveway before, but it took me an hour to do the whole thing. That is enough for me. To top it all off, when I finished it didn't look like I had even done anything! Ugh.

I had to go do some grocery shopping and I was very pleased to find this:

Walmart has whole wheat pasta now! I've been waiting forever for it! We're getting places! :)

Highlight of the day:
having a nice talk with my mom.
Today I'm thankful for: four wheel drive.
I've never been happier that we bought this than I was today.

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