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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Dilemma

I'm such a whiner. Here I go again.

We got this coffee maker as a wedding gift. We're pretty regular coffee drinkers, so I'd say this has been used every day since May, except for the time we were sick, but that is a different story. Anyway, it is already starting to leak, and leave pretty nasty stuff of the counter. The letters have rubbed off of the front (which isn't a big deal) and the inside is pretty cruddy. I've put it in the dishwasher (which is recommended) and it won't come completely clean. It is really nice because I don't have to clean a coffee pot. I love that it dispenses the coffee straight into the cup.

So I've been eying this. My birthday is next month so I asked my mom for one of these. I think they're pretty awesome. Its the Keurig One Cup Coffee Maker.

You put these little cups, called K Cups into the top, press the button for the size cup you have, and it puts your coffee right into your mug. It has really good reviews. I could only find two negative aspects about it. First, there is a limited selection of K Cups. One reviewer said that in the model I'm looking at you can use grounds, which would be nice. I was also concerned about having to buy the special cups. Sam's only has two or three varieties. The second con was that they're not recyclable. Good for you if you do recycle, but we don't. Sorry, Environment.

So then my next dilemma is mugs. I wish I could have known everything I wanted when we registered for wedding gifts!

We have these Fiesta dishes. Two of my place settings came with this mug, and the rest of the place settings came with tea cups. I don't use the tea cups at all, and they're actually up on the top shelf where I kind of forgot about them.

As wedding gifts, we got eight of these jumbo mugs. They really are pretty cool, and they're huge.

But the jumbo mugs are a little too big for my hands. I like the smaller mugs, but they have the weird circle handle, and its hard to hold them. I like to put my whole hand through the handle and hold it that way. Am I being too picky? Yes.

This is the Fiesta Java Mug. It is 12 oz. while the other smaller one up top is 10 oz. I haven't seen one in person so I'm not clicking away ordering these, but I want to check them out.
Megan I posted this picture for you. Fiesta has a line of square dishes now (click there), even the mugs.


  1. William got one of these for Christmas. I haven't heard if they have gotten it out to use or not yet but I will let you know how they like it. :)

  2. I love the square ones!! I might have to check them out!!

  3. Sarah, tell me what they say about it.

    Megan, I really like the square ones too.



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