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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Addicted.

I've been couponing.

I found this blog, Never Pay Retail Again and on it they had a post about restaurant.com where you can buy discounted gift certificates. It is only for participating restaurants though.

Anyway...I went on there and searched for Fort Wayne. It just so happens that Club Soda is on there, and I've never been. I'd like to go, but just haven't.

If you type in "BONUS" for the promo card, you get $25 gift certificates for $2. No typo. $2.

So I tried it out. I added four $25 Club Soda gift certificates, put in the promo code, and my total was $8. $8 for $100 worth of gift certificates.

Of course, there are restrictions. Each restaurant has their own, but Club Soda only allows one certificate per table, and you can't use it on Friday or Saturday. Whatever. I can deal with that.

The thing is...I'm not positive, but I believe its expensive. I would be saving a great deal, but I would have to go four times to use them all. I could just buy one for $2 and get $25 off of one meal, but we would be going out of our way to eat there, just to save some money. We'd be spending more than normal to save a few bucks.

I can't decide if it's worth it.

Click here for Restaurant.com. Don't forget to put "BONUS" in the yellow promo box. You should definitely check it out.

Would you get the certificates if you were me?


  1. Angi- I've used the coupons several times. I was just given one for Paula's on Main that I am planning on using around Valentines day.. but anyway. Being that you get $25 off at Club Soda, in the end you end up paying what you would at Applebees or Logans with out the coupon.. So it's kind of nice so you don't have to spend that much more for a "fancy" dinner. It's nice to treat yourself every once and a while. Bon appetit!

    p.s. Saying that made me think of Julie & Julia- if you haven't seen it you should watch it. I like it, a lot! =]

  2. That is fantastic! I'm glad I know someone who uses them! Get on there and get some girl, they're only $2.

    I have seen Julie and Julia and I love it! We got it from the Redbox. :)

  3. GO TO CLUB SODA! Save them for a special occasion, and GO! Club Soda is easily one of mine and Eric's favorite restaurants in Ft. Wayne. We went there for our anniversary one year, and my birthday last year...As far as price, it's right in the same range as Cork and Clever (another one of our favs). If you do go, order the Gouda cheese dip as an appetizer...you WON"T regret it!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, Michele!! I've wanted to go for a while, and for some reason, we always forget to go. Maybe we'll go for our anniversary.



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