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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have recently fallen into the world of Amazon Bookselling. I didn't make a formal announcement on here, but after 5.5 years of straight full time college courses, I've decided to not go back. This is not and should not be considered dropping out...for my own sanity purposes only. I have already graduated and have a degree (cough..useless..cough). Anyway, I decided about not returning to school after I had already purchased books for this coming semester. I had one book that I couldn't get returned because the seller wouldn't contact me back. I didn't want to be stuck with it, so I decided to create my own seller account and sell the book. And I saw how easy it was, and all of the textbooks sitting in plastic tubs in my garage (to spell it out, that is 11 full time semesters and a summer session worth) suddenly turned into big flashing sparkly money signs. Sigh.

My dilemma now is, I've actually already raised enough money to buy a new stove (a cheap one..definitely not an Electrolux). At the same time, we have bills that need to be taken care of.

If it were you, would you be responsible, or do what you want?

Such tough choices.


  1. You've really made that much money? Man maybe I need to look through some of my books. Be responsible and pay the bills with the money from this semester. Have fun with all the money from the past semesters :)

  2. be responsible it pays off in the long run =)

  3. I wondered why I haven't seen you on campus! Why did you decide not to finish your degree in teaching? I'm just curious and if you don't want to share with me that is ok!

    Since you still have a stove that works, I would be responsible and pay the bills first. Then when they're taken care of, you can pile up all the money you'll be saving from the paid off bills (a Dave Ramsey trick called snowballing) and buy a nicer stove. =] So maybe then you can afford that "fancy" stove!

    P.S. I have a break on Tue & Thur 1 to 430 if you ever want to get together and grab lunch or something! Have a fantastic day!

  4. You guys win. I decided to pay bills and get a stove later.



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