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Monday, January 11, 2010

I Have Decided

While registering for wedding gifts, the couple to be, should be allowed to test everything they're registering for in advance. I love all of the gifts we got, but had I been able to use some things before they were added to our home inventory, I would have probably selected something different.

My first point being these glasses:

For some reason I thought they looked really cool when I saw them at Kohls all those months ago...Now, not so much. I've decided that the shape of the glass is what makes them impossible to clean by my dishwasher. The narrow mouth is also not optimal for pouring anything into the glass.

We got four of these Guinness glasses (our designs are different) as a wedding gift, and they're my new favorite glasses. I'm going to see if I can find more somewhere. They are the perfect shape.

Libbey actually makes some that are basically the same but without the Guinness logo.

My second point, this toaster.

It is the messiest thing in the world, and it's ginormous. I had to basically make a new cabinet to put it in. It takes quite a while to toast the toast too.

I think stores should institute a new plan so that the couple can sit down and use the things they want. What do I know, I bet some stores do it...just not the Fort Wayne ones.

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