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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day! Not!

We were supposed to get a bunch of snow this morning, and we didn't. So I guess I'll still be running all of my errands.

So did everyone make the "lose weight in 2010" resolution? I didn't make it out loud, but I thought it. I'll be honest. When I started losing weight (if you haven't been around here for a long time you might not know that I lost weight. it was so long ago that I haven't talked about it recently because...well....I kinda got lazy.) I was at 194lbs. That was the day we got engaged. Call me superficial because I wanted to look pretty in my wedding dress, but whatever, don't act like you don't want to as well. Right after our engagement my grandma had a massive heart attack (I thank God everyday that I still have her), and being healthy became something I had to do to live, instead of something I wanted to do to look pretty. Being healthy became and is so important to me. Which is why it's a little surprising that I've gained some back. I started at 194 lbs went down to 155 lbs in about seven months, and now I'm back up to 170 lbs. I've heard from every avenue that you gain some back, but I didn't want to. I made the right choices, I didn't yo yo diet, I ate grains, I lost it slowly, I didn't do a get thin quick, I went to the gym, I lifted weights until my arms almost fell off.

I. Got. Lazy.

I made excuses to not go to the gym anymore. It is time for me to get back, and finally lose the rest of the weight like I wanted to.

I'll go back as soon as the New Year's Resolutioners stop going....I don't like a crowded gym.

Funny story. This Christmas Josh and I sat upstairs at my Uncle's house and talked to my cousins Nick and Hannah. Hannah is my cousin's wife, and we really don't see them very often, so we usually sit around and talk to them when we do. We're all about the same age and we both just got married, so we have a few things in common. I don't know Hannah very well, but I like her a lot, and I want to get to know her better. My uncle announced that dinner was ready so we went downstairs to fill up our plates. We all came back upstairs and sat where we were and kept on talking. I noticed that Hannah got a lot of food on her plate. Sad as it is, I actually got really excited because I felt like if Hannah was going to eat a lot, I could too. This was the day I made the Mexican Wedding Cake cookies, and I was so busy doing that that I forgot to eat lunch, so I was absolutely STARVING by the time we got to our family gathering. I had one serving of lasagna and then decided that since Hannah had so much food it would be okay for me to go get more. So I had my lasagna and I was still a little hungry, but I knew if I ate any more I'd probably die. So then the announcement was made that Santa came and it was time to open presents. My cousin Nick passed all the gifts out and when that was done he said "I'd like to have everyone's attention, I have an announcement to make". And then he told us all that Hannah was pregnant and due in August...and I felt like a big huge fatty. Here is Hannah eating for TWO and I'm stuffing my face for ONE. I'm pretty sure the look on my face was priceless.

And my favorite website of all...


  1. Haha. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh!!!

    And just so you know, my husband and I actually made a goal for the New Year... it wasn't just to lose weight but to be healthier, which I'm praying will help me lose this 20 lbs I've been lugging around for God knows how long! But my main goal is health first!

    So BOO to all you New Year resolutioners haters! lol, jk! I still like ya!

  2. I laughed about it too...It was just one of those moments.

    We made lots of resolutions, I'm not hating. :) I promise.



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