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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Party Gifts

For the groomsmen, we decided to get them something they'd love. Beer! Unfortunately we didn't think they would drink it all the night before the wedding, but they did. It was so wonderful to wake up on our wedding morning with groomsmen randomly passed out around the house. But whatever. Love those guys.

I got these buckets at Lowe's for $7 each. I got the glasses from the Knot Wedding shop. They were about $10 each. Josh picked up the beer. Nate had to be the most difficult and pick two beers as his favorite. I should have known. Here is where I found the glasses.

I'm pretty sure this is Kory's bucket. He gave me a hard time about the color of his tissue paper. The guys gifts were so easy. They're easy to please.

I got these bags for the bridesmaids. I found them at New York and Company pretty much right after we got engaged. I wouldn't have bought them if my mother hadn't suggested it. I figured it was too early on to be buying gifts, but I did, and thats what they got. :)

I got each of them one of these notebooks that I found from a seller on Etsy.com. She did a great job, and I think they loved them. I put a personal note to each girl inside. Here is a link to Katie Blair Designs blog. Check her out. I don't have a photo of it, but they got jewelry to wear for the wedding as well.

They all got lotion from the Bath and Body Works and a pair of silver flip flops to wear at the reception.

Here are Megan and Ashley enjoying their flops...and Kory just enjoying everything.

I got Isabela, the flower girl, and William and Dillian, the ring bearers these cameras to use. They are real cameras that take 35mm film. I found these on the Knot Wedding shop for pretty cheap as well. They loved them. Click here for Flower Girl Camera. Click here for Ring Bearer Camera.

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