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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I had to actually go back and search through my blog archives to find out when I had my hours cut at work. I had no idea it was back in March! That was so long ago. I haven't posted about it since then because there really wasn't much to say, and even if there was, it wasn't interesting. Having the extra time off is wonderful, but its hard for me to feel good about myself when I'm not contributing to our finances. I talked to Josh about being a stay at home wife, but he didn't really give it as much credit as I did. I thought it was a good idea. So since that didn't fly, I got a new job. This has really been a long time coming. Since last summer when I decided I wasn't going to law school, I've wanted out of this job. I stuck around because the pay was unbeatable for my age and what I was doing, and the hours weren't too bad (off at 5:30 and every weekend...can't beat it). Turns out, when you get 12 hours a week, it doesn't really matter how much you get per hour. So with my new job, I'm taking a pay cut, but it will actually even out to be more per check. There are great things about my new job though, and my current job wasn't very hard to leave. So I gave my notice, and it felt good. I'm ready to move past the "law" stage of my life. It will be the first time in six years that I haven't worked in a law office. I don't think I've ever been more ready.

Excuse me, 68° in July? Where are we?

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