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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I decided I wanted to get gifts for our parents as well. After all, they made everything possible in the first place. I decided to get them handkerchiefs. It was really the best idea I came up with because I couldn't really afford something expensive, and I knew they would appreciate the thoughtfulness, and personalization. I used this website, Felicia's Fancies for all of them. They all turned out exactly how I asked. The shipping was a bit slow, but I'm guessing that was because of the length of time it took to custom make them.

This is my dads, obviously. My mom and dad have the same dove on their handkerchiefs. I did that on purpose because when they got married, they had the dove on all of their programs, napkins, and matches.

This one is Lisa's, Joshua's mom.

This is my mom's.

I decided to get some for my grandmothers, too. I wanted them to feel included and know how much they mean to me. This is my dad's mom's.

Nanny is my mom's mom. I was getting ready to order one for my Papa, mom's dad, but he died right as I was getting ready to order. I thought about ordering it anyway and giving it to my Nanny, but decided that she would be having a hard day already, and just got one for her.
They all cried when I gave them to them...except my dad. He kept it together. :)

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