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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

In honor of the "Flapjack Fiasco" (see post from yesterday) we had pancakes for dinner tonight. Thankfully for our arteries, we didn't have the "fiasco". We really only had pancakes because they're really easy and we don't really have much in the house to make. We need to go grocery shopping.

If you typically eat pancakes, you should make this simple swap. I switched our mix to Fiber One, and it tastes just as good. Josh says he can't taste a difference, but I can a little bit. They are good, and worth the switch.

This measuring cup is awesome...this and the griddle are two of my favorite wedding gifts. I use this measuring cup for everything. This is the four cup, and I basically pour everything with it. It is really convenient when I'm making waffles (can you tell we love breakfast?). If you're getting married you have to register for it.

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