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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Have you ever had a rutabaga? Better yet, do you know what a rutabaga is?

Joshua and I are trying this new diet, he calls it the paleolithic diet. I haven't read anything about it. He just told me about it and I'm going with it. All it basically is, is only eat what they would have eaten before processed foods and stuff like that. Only natural stuff. For some reason, you can't have beans...which means coffee as well, and I almost died. I posted about it a few days ago. I guess the diet calls for you to slowly work yourself down, but I just decided I was a superhero and was going to quit. Coffee is one modification I've made to it. Anyway, we think Joshua is lactose intolerant, so we're trying different diets the first week of every month to see what works best for our bodies. He wanted to start with this one. I was super pissed off last Sunday at the grocery because we basically didn't buy ANYTHING. Imagine going to the grocery and only buying from the outside parameter off the grocery section...and skipping the dairy. I was not happy.

Today is our last day of the week so we're having pizza for dinner and I'm super excited about that. But I think we'll probably stick with certain parts of this diet, but maybe not as strict. I can really tell a difference in my own body already. And of course if Josh even thinks about losing weight it just falls off of him. Ass.

About the rutabaga. This is a root vegetable that is allowed on this diet. I bought two this week on separate trips to the grocery store and the cashier had no idea what it was either time I was there. Even when I told them the name they still had no idea, and they even have a cheat sheet to use. The only why I know what it is, is because my Nanny loves vegetables and I'm pretty sure she's forced us to eat one before. She was born right after the Great Depression and her family was never very wealthy so they always ate what they had. She told me that when you don't have options you learn to like what you've got. My Nanny is also from southern Indiana so she has a slight accent, and rutabaga comes out "rooda-baker". I love her.

This is what it looks like. I didn't take this picture. I peeled mine before I thought about posting about it. They aren't pretty.

I peeled it with a regular vegetable peeler. They have nice flat spots so it's pretty easy to peel.

Cut off the root part and cube.

In slices

I cubed and boiled them. Put them in the water, brought to a boil, covered for 10-15 minutes.

Salt, pepper, serve. If you want to, you could also mash these and have them as mashed potatoes. Some butter would have made them wonderful. We have one in the fridge, so maybe I'll make it up and put all the unhealthy stuff of it this time.

The cool thing is, it tastes like corn. It has the consistency of a potato and the taste of corn. I wanted to call it a "cotato" but Joshua wanted to call it "porn". He wins.

You should try it. It is very good, and not too expensive.

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