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Monday, July 20, 2009

I Want A Pink Cake with a Blue Motorcycle...

My brother Dillian turned 4 last Thursday, and when my mom asked him what kind of cake he wanted he told her "A pink cake with a blue motorcycle". She asked the bakery to make one, but they told her they didn't have anything like that that they could make. So she asked me to do it. I have this cake plate that I love, but it doesn't have a lid, so I was trying to figure out how I was going to get the cake to Chuckie Cheese. I remembered that the Snyder's got us this awesome cupcake carrier, and figured I could take the trays out and use it as a cake carrier. It worked great! I love it.
The cake carrier.

I could have used food coloring, but I decided to make a strawberry cake, that way it was already pink.

I bought him two motorcycles for his cake, because I knew if there was only one there would be a fight over who got to play with it.
I accidentally bought cookie icing, instead of decorating icing, so it all ran together. He didn't care though, and really didn't even notice...he can't read yet. :)

Dillian's cake with his motorcycles.

He loved it, he was so excited about it.

Getting ready to cut the cake!
Happy Birthday, Dill! William is next...can't wait to see what kind of cake he wants.

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