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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Love Summer Classes.

I also love long walks on the beach and sarcasm. I wrote the other day about my paper that I was going to do on Joe Jackson for my Western Civilization class, since he was on the "World" section of CNN.com's news. I didn't figure my professor would see the humor in that, so I found an article about Iceland applying for the European Union and decided to do that. So here I am...writing a paper about the history of Iceland, the history of the European Union, and some details about why Iceland wants in the EU, and what good it will do for them. But first, I had to eat lunch, go to Starbucks, clean up a little around the house, and write this blog post. I also had to go through all of the papers I wrote while I was at USF and found out that when you take all American History classes, you don't have much about the rest of the world. So I can't even recycle. :/

Before I go and actually start writing, here are some interesting facts about Iceland:
The population of the entire country is half of the population of Indianapolis.
62.7% of the island is tundra.
The highest temperature ever recorded was in 1939 and was 86.9°F.
The lowest temperature ever recorded was in 1918 and was -36.4°F.
Iceland holds the title of the most Strongman competition wins.

How interesting.

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